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Colonial School District is a great district. I have found the teachers at Ridge Park Elementary to be very attentive and caring. The Principle and staff are terrific.
You can't beat the quality of the educational experience you get at Colonial. They somehow have managed to find the right balance of academic core curriculum, speciality courses, and extra curriculars. And they are somehow also able to work with the students on an individual level. The team at Colonial helped my son get into his top 3 schools for college! An amazing district!
Colonial is an amazing school district! State of the art when it comes to academics. Also, the area is undergoing major development and attracting top young professionals and their families from all over the northeast. They are building a brand new, high tech middle school and also developing lower Fayette St. in Conshohocken. We feel very lucky to have our child in Colonial SD.
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A wonderful school district. Highly recommended! Many advanced placement (AP) courses offered, great for college prep. I know several MDs, PhDs, and lawyers that have come out of Colonial SD. Also, lots of options for athletics, clubs, and activities. Colonial easily stands up to the other "top districts" in the area, with a much lower cost of living.
I loved how safe I felt in the colonial school district. I knew that I could always find someone if I needed help. There were always teachers to look up to. If there was anything to change it would be the bathrooms they weren’t always the cleanest . Over the four years I was there they when through a massive Construction project and meet the school look brand new and it was so exciting to be going to a school that’s nice.
The colonial school district works very hard to prepare students for college. They challenge students to try harder and succeed. I had some pretty great teachers.
I joined the CSD family as a staff member and was so impressed by the district we moved here so that our child will attend the district schools. There are high expectations for students to achieve academically but also supports in place for the social and emotional development of kids.
I have been a part of the district for my whole educational career. I cannot find any fault with it, as it is one of the best districts you can find.
After 13 years in the district I am sad to leave I have had a great experience with all four schools. My teachers shaped who I am today. I never felt that colonial school district did not have the funds or resources for our teachers needed to do the best job they could.
It is a very well rounded educational environment for every student. There is a class for every student to take and there is a lot of schedule flexibility.
To be completely honest, when I was actually expiecing things at CES, i hated them. But looking back now I can truly say that I'm glad for everything that occured. The education there isn't that well and they have a weird track, but it did the job. The school itself is kind of cliquey as well, but overall it was good.
My experience as a student has been overall pretty good. Nothing beats the staff at Colonial SD. My only real flaws are with some of the core curriculum at the high school. Some of the classes are poorly planned out and tightly scheduled because of a switch from a 4-block schedule to a 5-block schedule that happened a few years ago. Some teachers haven't adapted well to this change and it often manifests itself in frustrated students. Other than that I've had a good overall experience and I'm proud to be associated with such a district.
It’s one of the best schools available in our area. The academic rigor can easily be adjusted so that your personal experience is what you want it to be.
I attended school in this district K-12
Most things are fine and the schools are clean. Heavy focus on the PSSAs and sports teams.
In my experience, all the teachers are very well=trained and know how to deal with the students' academic and personal problems. The students are all kind to each other and try to include everybody in the events that are held. There are also many clubs and sports which allows students to choose what they would like to do on their free time while having fun and doing things they are interested in. The school also has many opportunities for students to branch out and do things that are otherwise out of their comfort zone. For example, there are many community service opportunities that would be hard to do on their own, but in school it's already planned out and they can still help people in their community with their peers.
Colonial School District offers students multiple opportunities to get involved in their school and/or community. They have a rigorous academic plan to prepare high schoolers for college.
Horrible. Stay away if you have a special education student. All they care about is the regular ed students. Sleazy, backstabbing administration.
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I love CSD! My daughter started in kindergarten and is now in eleventh grade, she had learned so much, made life long friends, the staff is incredible!
Amazing, many opportunities for students to succeed and thrive through their education and extra curricular.
Great schools, no improvement needed the teachers are great classes are awesome and it is a very calm equal enviorment for everybody
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