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My experience was great, Great staff truly cares about the students. Staff makes sure their students are ready for college.
The administration was very friendly and kind. They worked with you on everything. The atmosphere was very motivating and uplifting. Always upbeat.
The district has made major improvements since we moved to Delaware in 2007. They have added stem programs and Spanish and Japanese programs. These types of changes will help the children succeed in life and prepare them for college.
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It was awesome! They had an amazing culinary arts program starting in middle and through high school. I wish they would improve community relationship,a lot of parents don't support the schools mission as a district.
I absolutely love the school district. I have 2 older children who went through Schooling in the district. I have a daughter now who attends Wilber, the staff is phenomenal!!!
Outstanding school district and I would recommend sending your child/ren there to be college and career ready!
I’ve been in the colonial school district since the first grade, and I am currently a senior in high school. Excluding middle school, I had an extremely positive overall experience with the school district and feel very prepared to start college next year as a result of the opurtunituesbthey presented me with, and the mostly compassionate and helpful teachers/administrators/coaches I’ve encountered in high school. They’re always striving for improvement and you can tell much of the faculty really cares about seeing you succeed.
In my 11 years that I have been in the district, there was some good moments and some bad moments.I find is exceptional to have the perseverance in the students and to push the students to strive for success. The only thing i would say is how they approach the learning concepts are a little difficult and the educators hired.
I like that Colonial School District provides the students with the resources to prepare us for college or careers in the future. I would like to see a change in teacher and student interactions
I loved the diversity within the community. I felt that I was introduced to people from backgrounds different then my own, allowing me to become a little more cultured. I would like to see this district take a more serious stand with students who are not in the facility to learn and as a result, prevent engaged students with a desire to learn from doing just that.
The Colonial school district has never done me wrong. From attending it since the 6th grade -which one of the most crucial preteen years, up until 12th grade, I can say I enjoyed every moment of it.
The good thing about Colonial School District has always been student teacher relationships, but also the bad thing too Relationships can be beneficial for students who have found teachers that they can go to but some students have had teachers as enemies. Also bad with money spending. Needing two referendums in less than five years Colonial has been spending money irresponsibly and do not have their priorities in order when it comes to the students, with threatening to take away programs having to do with majors and careers.
Colonial School Districts grooms you from Kindergarten to Senior Year to always be ready for the next. Attending WPHS you hear every morning it is the best high school in the state of Delaware and it couldn't be more true. The teachers, guidance counselor's, administrators all care about your future and well being.
With my few years Being In the colonial school district and one of the student in the graduating Class of 2017, I would like to say that the colonial school district is the best school district in the state of Delaware. Because it helps build you up from basics to advance level of education. However, I would like to recommend that the colonial school district make more students use technology whether it's in School or outside of school. Because it will build their skills in terms of typing on the computer. And make them be more expose to the technology world.
I spent all 4 years at William Penn high school and I can easily say that it was unique and helped me to see that I myself want to be a teacher.
Colonial school district is a great school district because they invest in their kids. From kindergarten to senior year kids are given a second home they never forget.
just happy i'm leaving to move on to bigger things, i can't wait to start college and play basketball
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I loved how interactive the teachers and administration were in my 12 years of being in the school district. I've developed numerous friends and healthy relationships with my teachers and facility.
I like the fact that all of the schools in this district are filled with students of all different kinds od ethnicities. I think this is very important for a school district especially so the students can get a true picture of the "real world". In the real world not everyone is going to be the same race or have the same background as you. Even though this district seems to be very diverse when it comes to the students everyone is still united. You can tell in the colonial school district that everyone sticks togther , by just going to a sporting event. Everyone shows up and is very supportive of the schools in the district.
My experience in Colonial School was very hardworking and the staff is very supportive. The only thing I would like to see change is food choice.
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