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Colonel Crawford Local School District Reviews

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School has amazing programs and works well with CCP. Teachers and students are very friendly and always welcoming
I loved how friendly everyone was. They're were so helpful and always around when I needed help. The sports and coaches were amazing. Definitely the best years of my experience.
I have been at Colonel Crawford since I was in Kindergarten. I have been taught a lot, not just by the teachers, but by many other things. Like FFA and marching band. I love that the students here can be a athlete and a nerd and not get put down for that. There is a lot going on in our little district. All of it is good things.
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Colonel Crawford is a small country school. I liked the personal attention and almost family like atmosphere. Administrators and staff as well as teachers know each of the students by name. I think they really care about the students and their success. Because it is a small school a student can participate in almost any sport or club they wish to.
There is absolutely nothing that I would change about Colonel Crawford High School. As a soon to be graduate and a life long student of this District, I can not pick one thing in particular to change. The administration, staff, clubs, sports, the people and the classes are all top notch. The atmosphere is one unlike no other and I would not want to be apart of any other school district. I will send my children here and hopeful the legacy continues.
We moved to the district two years ago, and our children have done phenomenal in this environment. Great teachers, coaches and families.
Great school with great teachers and staff. I wouldn't want to go to a different school. Small school where everyone knows everybody and is rare you see a fight. It's easy to contact teachers for assistance and they are always willing to help.
In Colonel Crawford, teachers care and give a lot, and also challenge me to do my best, I feel that really gets me ready for college. The balance between focusing on getting kids ready for college, and teaching kids like they are still in high school has been great. Parents also have access to grades, which in turn makes me work even harder, as I always want my parents to be proud of me. Leo club is a great example of the many clubs we have, it is volunteer work that gets kids more involved, which I am in. I would change focusing on school work more than sports at times. I have played sports my entire high school career, and even I think it can be a bit much at times. Another thing is there is not much diversity in the school, although they can not fix this, I wish there could have been more to get me more adapted to other races or religions. It is a very good school, and I would suggest it to anyone who asked.
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