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Collinsville Community Unit School District No. 10 Reviews

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I believe the school district could use some upgrades. The middle school is in good condition, and the high school has done well in implementing new amenities, but the intermediate school needs to be upgraded. More college-credit courses should be offered in the high school. There are plenty of pre-AP/AP course-taking students that would benefit from this.
I liked all of the schools that I went through as I continued to move up in school. All the teachers I have had were very nice, hardworking, and all seemed to strive in making all of their students succeed. I formed a personal connection with all of them.
I do not always feel safe on campus. It is not the threat of others coming into the school-it is the kids that worry me. Other than safety, it is not too bad
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While attending Collinsville High School, I have been able to connect with my teachers and get a lot of one on one attention, especially when I am struggling. The administration, along with the staff, is very welcoming and helpful.
Collinsville has some amazing class options and such wonderful programs. The vocational center is so helpful and has steered so many student's paths to success.
There are many of choices of extra curricular clubs and activities, as well as many of diverse and experience offering courses, such as engineering programs and auto body classes
I love CUSD 10! The teachers care so much about every student. They do their absolute best to prepare every student for college. They do a good job of making personal connections with students and making sure everyone is succeeding. The faculty does a good job of remaining professional at all times, as well as knowing when they have to take extreme measures. There is an amazing team in place for those students who have gone through a tragedy that is also an amazing thing about Collinsville High School.
Collinsville Unit 10 school district is very diverse. All the staff keep parents well informed about activities and issues going on in the school. In addition I work closely with staff and counselors regarding my student. They intern keep me well posted on my sons academic progress. I feel they have a very good computer system "skyward" that allows me to check on student status anytime. It is easy to e-mail the teachers as well. Overall, my experience with CUSA 10 is great. Plus- I went there too!
I attended Collinsville schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. I like that the schools are separated by the grades. I had several great teachers. My band directors were awesome and I learned a lot from them.
The academics were excellent. The college readiness was excellent. The science departments were outstanding.
Collinsville sucks. It’s really weird and people can be very disgusting. I hate it there and I can’t wait to go onto college. The school itself and the teachers aren’t bad but other students make that place terrible to go to school at.
The people their are generally very nice! Occasionally, you will come across a bad egg or someone who is having a rough day. The academics are pretty good if you ask me. Im not going to mention any teachers or departments in specific, but i do think some classes should be better assessed for performance. It wont seem as perfect as one might think. I dont think too much about diversity, but it seems fine to me. I would like to see a lot more foreign exchange students. There are dozens of clubs to choose from. It would be nice if there was more however. I would like it if I heard more about the clubs than i hear now in the mornings. Sports I have heard is a big weakness in the school. It makes me feel discouraged to join in any sports. I dont often see parents getting involved, but i could be wrong on that. Community is well connected, which is always a plus. Overall, I have enjoyed being at this high school and think the pros outweigh the cons.
Collinsville Community Unit School District No.10 gave me an overall amazing experience during my four years of high school. However, looking back on my experience, I was not very prepared going into college. The classes should have been taught in a way that would transition from high school to college easier. I struggled my first semester at college because I had no idea what to expect, but some of my other friends had already taken exams and did some projects in high school similar to what we were doing in college. The classes in high school were still challenging, but they were not even close to what the classes in college are like.
The collinsville high school could use better guidance. We currently have a principal who came from a school that had 500 we have almost 2,000 students.He does not understand that he cant have a steel grip on the school. Our football team is terrible yet the that's all he put the schools money into it. While ever one else is putting up so much more effort into what they do but he ignores it. We need people to have better guidance that is the main problem. That and the food is awful but i hope thats every high school.
I sent my child there in K and they lost her and yelled at me for reporting her missing because they did not want to get the police involved. She is now in High school at Father McGivney, but it wasn't on here to choose from.
Not enough focus on academics, and was not pushed enough academically to do things outside of high school that had a chance to impact my academic career
Collinsville High School provided a very diverse environment with many options for a student to explore. Given the opportunity to join different clubs and sports, I was able to find what my likes and dislikes were.
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Collinsville High School provided me with a place that I felt comfortable to learn, make friends, and live out my high school years. The teachers were all passionate about their subjects and truly cared to see each student succeed. The student body was a strong support system for all and truly felt like a family when times were tough. I feel lucky to be a Collinsville High School graduate.
Overall my high school experience was a positive one. My favorite thing about the Collinsville school district is that everyone wants you to be successful in life. One thing that I would like to see is more money rewarded to the school to use on the students.
I really like the school and think that it is a great fit for me. There are plenty of clubs and sports to get involved in and all the people are really nice. Most of the staff really have a heart for teaching and are focused on helping the individual student learn, which is super nice.
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