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Collingswood Public School District Reviews

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I liked how involved the teacher were during my time there. I liked all the activities that were available for the students. I always liked how they give out many awards for academics and sports.
The teachers were hands on in teaching and were available when needed.
The administration communicated well and encouraged involvement within the community.
I have had wonderful caring teachers every year at Collingswood High School. From the Principal to the custodial staff, I have received kindness, help and friendship. The opportunities I have received have prepared me to excel in the workplace and hopefully in college. I have enjoyed contributing to the rebuilding of the TV studio and auditorium. Having the chance to research and bid on the audio and production equipment and specialty lighting has sparked my interest in audio engineering and technology.
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The teachers are really helpful and accessible if there is something I need help with. The extra educational programs that other schools in the area don't have. Twilight for at risk kids and disabled programs from preschool to high school and beyond, 18 to 21 year old program.
Collingswood Public School is a great school because it allows me to participate in many activities and clubs. They also prepare me for college by helping us researching potential scholarships and to help us apply for college.
Great teachers! Rotating schedule is strange but honestly kind of cool. Staff does the best they can, lack of cool clubs tho.
Collingswood Public Schools are a great place to learn! As I have attended elementary, middle, and high school in this district, I am pleased to say that the experience is quite remarkable. The schools are full of energy, loving staff, and they make a great learning environment. From academics to athletics, any child can grow while attending Collingswood Public Schools! I am sad to say that as I go on to college, I will truly miss being a Collingswood student.
One thing that I have noticed that is particularly amazing about Collingswood is the legitimate love for teaching which our faculty holds. Students from other schools have told me that Collingswood High School was the first place where a teacher told them that they believed in them. CHS is filled with teachers who leave a positive impact on students for the rest of their lives, and encourage them to achieve greatness. Furthermore, both the student body and the faculty are extremely diverse and excepting of people of all races, religions, creeds, genders and sexuality. Collingswood High School makes me feel safe and loved, and I would not want to be anywhere else.
Collingswood High School has taught me many lessons in discipline and courtesy. CHS is a great school with many teachers who go out of their way to work with every student. This school makes students feel like they are apart of the community. The students at CHS have tremendous school spirit and never fail to support their fellow peers.
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