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We are actually not that bad , Collier County public schools are very well put together we all get along great as a county, even though we are each other rivals. We are our best when we are together, and it’s the kids/students that make it great. It’s because we are friendly and we all are able to get along no matter what school we go to. No bullying no harassment just normal kids going to school and getting along. No nonsense at all.
Collier county schools are clean and a great environment for any student and parents, I would recommend collier county public schools to anyone new to Naples for high school students!! especially Palmetto ridge high school, its one of the newer schools that was built, it has many wonderful programs including but not limited to band, JROTC, honor society's, key club and lots of sports just to name a few. one thing that I find that is different about collier county is how were apart of "we dine together" which is a wonderful program and I think all schools should have it!
Collier schools are very good at preparing students to take state assessments but, they do not teach students the skills that they need to survive life after high school. Collier schools is not a picture perfect school when compared to other schools who have lots of school spirits little events are made to encourage students to have school pride.
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I have many things that I like about Collier county public schools they allow a sense of diversity and safety everywhere you go they make sure the students are protected at all cost. One change I would like to see is more online resources and the ability to have after school tutoring programs to help out with subject I do not understand and need help with.
I had a good time in high school. I enjoyed all of my classes and found that the teachers truly did care. AP teachers prepared us well for college. The atmosphere was overall safe at my school.
I absolutely love being in Collier county public schools because we are all so energized and high spirited there. In my heart we are the best.
I love the staff and the academic benefits that were provided. All the staff are dedicated to the safety and education advancements for the students.
Going to Lely was a fun experience for me. I got to meet some wonderful people and had great teachers throughout my four years there. The part I enjoyed the most was that I was a student athlete. That meant after school I had practice and it was fun. The teachers are wonderful and the staff too. My mentor and guidance counselors are the ones that I will miss the most. They helped me through a lot and I will never forget them. You start to realize who you really are after a while. Also you get involved with the school and just it’s well rounded all around.
My experience at Collier County School was a good one. I really enjoyed studying at my school because the spirit of the school was outstanding ! Truly was one school one family. Teachers took there time to teach every single student. As well as there was many activities to join.
Collier county public schools had awesome teachers and coaches. The teachers were always willing to help and wanted to help better the students. The extracurricular teachers always found a way to make school fun! My school was always full of pride and had the best spirit days!
Teachers were nice and informative. However, there should be more social student functions such as a spring or winter formal. More things to make everybody more involved and show school spirit.
Very good schooling as it is very education based however I would like to see more preference on the arts such as music education or photography similar to the emphasis on sports
I love Collier county because its a warm environment. It feels like family which is hard to say about other counties. You grow up with the people you have known since kindergarten and you have amazing teachers who help you through the unspeakable. There’s nothing I truly love than a teacher who loves his/her students! I’m so proud to be part of Collier county.
Palmetto Ridge High school is filled with a lot of school spirit. Majority of the staff is very encouraging and create personal connections with students. Although there is a lack of diversity, the school system is very put together.
I personally feel like Collier County Public schools have made me enjoyed my education. Being able to interact with other teachers and students and learning not only the educational aspect of things, but also the way to view life brought light to my mind. Here in Kansas for school has made me excited to share what I have learned from when I was in Florida. I continue to use the knowledge that I have and move forward to being the individual that I will strive to become. I want to one day become successful and use the knowledge that I have to succeed.
What I liked most about the school are the certain professors who used a teaching method that allowed me to understand the material most effectively. Discussions are beneficial in having the students participate in the learning experience. However, I would have liked it if certain professors utilize other strategies to better teach the students. For instance, changing from powerpoints to discussions and broaden the material, more importantly changing the pace in how they teach. I would also suggest that the campus inform the students about scholarship opportunities and financial aid.
Collier County Plublic Schools provides a safe learning environment. The dedication of teachers toward students is a main factor that help many students. For example, I came from Cuba 3 years ago not knowing the language and the teachers were very pacient and dedicated. In addition, the counselors and the staff are nice and put a lot of effort into encouring students. The work ardously to make sure that every student is learning and preparing themselves for the future.
Moreover, the resources available such as computers, tablets, internet, books, etc make CCPS a bridge in the road to success.
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My experience in accordance with Collier County Public Schools has been extraordinary. Not only do the professors always try their hardest in creating engaging tactics, they encourage students to try their hands at growing in any way, shape, or form available to them.
Collier County Public Schools has prepared me for my future. They have impacted my education in a good way my whole life. If I could start over my academic career, I would choose CCPS.
The district is too liberal. There should be stronger discipline for inappropriate behavior. Expectations should be set and followed through. They should get rid of common core and standards, and go back to the basics.
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