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Hello, So far my experience in CCPS have been good. The teachers here are amazing!! There always willing to help and always there for me. One thing I would like to see start happening is more after school programs. Programs where kids can go and get help on their academics. A program where they can go and be stress free and just have fun. Almost like the program Boys And Girls Club, but better.
the people at the administration building are not very nice. They pulled me out of school because they thought I was out of zone for where I went to school. Even though they had no proof, and I was not out of zone, so technically what they did was illegal.
Collier County Public Schools does a god job of keeping school and school related activities interesting. Despite this fact, much of the facility and staff at all the schools I have attended are not the most pleasant. They seem to not follow the school code of making it a safe and understanding environment, and it seems they would rather reprimand students to benefit their ideals.
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More funding towards charter schools and more communication between schools. No more standardized testing and grading predominately off of said tests.
My experience attending Collier public schools has been incredibly wonderful. Teacher and staff all work extremely hard and genuinely care about students.
Collier County Public Schools is the best district. The county is always offering ways to protect not only its residents but also their students. They offer great opportunities to the schools and show great interest in supporting or funding their schools. There are always positive changes being made to ensure and encourage everyone in the community to participate in sparking their interest in what's best to protect and ensure students safety and education. Parent involvement is highly encouraged for the students. The students are always reminded what to do in a situation where they are put at risk, what steps need to be taken and how to ensure their peer's safety. There are many programs that you are able to apply for as an elementary, middle school, or high school student that will prep you for college and career readiness. All in all, Collier County Public Schools is an excellent county!
I love being part of an environment that is so open and safe which is being part of collier county schools.
Overall good place, however, background checks on teachers at some of the schools need to be done. As a student the learning environment was excellent and college readiness was a top priority.
My name is Marta de Haro I have been attending Barron Collier High School since I was a freshmen, i met a lot of good lasting friends and teachers and staff have always been so kind. I am also part of the Varsity Tennis Team and the coach and teammates feel like family to me! But t one thing i would like to see change is to keep the library open before and after school.
Collier County has some of the best bands and sports teams throughout all of the middle schools and high schools in the area. Collier County also makes sure to have certain security measures in place like a few drills every month. The only thing I would personally wish to change is the food that is served to students because it is not healthy, and the dress code that is shared in the county because it is discriminatory and degrading to females.
Collier County Public Schools provides a stable learning environment and an enriching education. In my experience, the teachers are all very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which makes me excited to go to class and learn. I enjoy forming personal connections with my teachers within the classroom. My teachers are amazing, and I find myself genuinely interested in the course material. I hope my college experience is even better!
It’s been good just that there are safety concerns, the overall of being in a Collier county school was a good experience
I enjoyed the teachers and the care that they had for every individual student. However, administration never really seemed to do much and were very slow at solving individual concerns. Unless there is a parent involved, there is no sense of urgency.
Collier County Public Schools strive to provide the best education to all students while promoting diversity and individualization in every aspect.
It is an amazing community everyone makes you feel apart of something great. Sports are amazing i'm so glad my mom choose collier county! I started going to school in collier county in the 6th grade and ever since then its been amazing.
In my opinion Collier County schools have decent teachers that get the students ready for the next level in their education. By doing so this allows for a student to smoothly transition into the next stage. The schools also have decent sports teams, different schools excel in different sports but the all have a sport that they perform well in. While there are many positives to these schools the only thing I wish to see more in the future is diversity.
We are actually not that bad , Collier County public schools are very well put together we all get along great as a county, even though we are each other rivals. We are our best when we are together, and it’s the kids/students that make it great. It’s because we are friendly and we all are able to get along no matter what school we go to. No bullying no harassment just normal kids going to school and getting along. No nonsense at all.
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Collier county schools are clean and a great environment for any student and parents, I would recommend collier county public schools to anyone new to Naples for high school students!! especially Palmetto ridge high school, its one of the newer schools that was built, it has many wonderful programs including but not limited to band, JROTC, honor society's, key club and lots of sports just to name a few. one thing that I find that is different about collier county is how were apart of "we dine together" which is a wonderful program and I think all schools should have it!
Collier schools are very good at preparing students to take state assessments but, they do not teach students the skills that they need to survive life after high school. Collier schools is not a picture perfect school when compared to other schools who have lots of school spirits little events are made to encourage students to have school pride.
I have many things that I like about Collier county public schools they allow a sense of diversity and safety everywhere you go they make sure the students are protected at all cost. One change I would like to see is more online resources and the ability to have after school tutoring programs to help out with subject I do not understand and need help with.
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