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College Station Independent School District exhibits character, pride, and responsibilty among the students and staff involved within it. The teachers truly care for their students and treat them as their own, while the students, in the other hand, take advantage of the tools given to them in order to succeed. One thing I would like to see change about the district is a larger emphasis on early college readiness and an increase in activities including excercises students can encounter in the real world.
I appreciated the opportunities afforded me through the CTE department so that I could narrow down what I wanted to do before i started college.
I enjoyed my years at CSISD as a student. The strive for success is a central focus for a student of any medium. The districts closeness to Texas A&M also opens opportunities for students who want to expose themselves to future majors or areas of studies.
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I like the opportunities the district gives to the students and all of the encouragement given from the staff
As a student of the oldest of the three high schools in College Station Independent School District, it is disheartening to witness the success of the newer schools while mine lacks their resources. Yet, even with the disadvantages of an older school, higher-level academics continue to thrive. Even so, I would hope that the attention to higher-level academics at my school would shift to other courses and activities. Consider the arts. The orchestra's instruments annually need repair due to the summer heat when the district ignores the pleas to keep the air conditioning running in the fine arts wing. The choir lacks a second director for their large and ever-growing program. The band lags behind the newer high school in the district as their program has switched between three different head directors in four years. The College Station Independent School District is so far successful enough to get by, but it is in need of more reform than it knows.
College Station Independent School District is a great district. Upon entering I immediately noticed that the schools are very school based. Their main focuse is to get student, like me, college ready. It’s a great district and I do recommend it.
Wonderful school district. Academic rigor and great teachers prepare you well for college, and a strong sense of school spirit is uplifting.
I enjoyed attending college station high school very much and I think that it prepared me very well for college. The academics and sports teams are very good and excel beyond the average school.
I was born in houston but moved to india when i was 5. i came back to texas to study at college station high school for my junior year. my mothers twin sister works in an elementary school in the same district
The teachers are very passionate about their subject and try to make the lessons fun and interactive.
A&M consolidated was overall was an average high school. Some of the teachers were really good but some of the administrators were not good.
I would want the school to have more pride in where they go. Also for the teachers to be more understanding.
I love College Station High School because I feel that the teachers are great and I can get the help that I need in order to succeed. Academically College Station is very rigorous but with the great facility and faculty it makes learning effortless. I wouldn't change my experience at College Station high school because there isn't one bad thing I have to say.
I really enjoyed this school district. They really know how to educate little kids to be kind and respectful. They teach a lot of life lesson when as older you get. They thought me how to sow, cook, make a resume, and even how to change a tire and that's not all. Classes are very avenced no matter if you're taking the regular classes. They love to keep there classes small and all the staff are amazing. Am glad I was part of this school district.
I have attended CSISD my whole life. I have been challenged, encouraged, and driven to do my best and succeed. I have had many opportunities to grow and learn.
My experience in the College Station Independent School District has been fascinating. The faculty is extremely astute and very well equipped to handle any situation thrown at them. One improvement I would make would be the cafeteria food.
This district does an excellent job providing equipment and resources to programs and/or for students to be able to experience a variety of career and learning opportunities. However, the district only decides to allow these opportunities to happen if it's convenient and easy to introduce and install within the needed area or school. This has caused tension to rise between schools because teachers and parents have spoken their concerns about the obvious lack of fair distribution of district money. Also, it brings attention to the lack of concern and ambition given towards helping improve the Special Ed programs throughout all the school in the district. If the situation is too complex and needs extreme repair, the district seems to sweep it under the rug.
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I would like to see a better influence on students about trade schools. In addition, a better administration interaction with students and lower level faculty would be amazing, I was very active in FFA and we barely ever saw or heard from the front office even though we were top of our state in multiple competitions.
Excellent experience with academics. However, emphasis on STEM related extracurriculars has been weak and support and experience has been nearly non-existent. Plenty of mediocre teachers at the high school level as well.
Great school, great environment and great people all around. A school district that really challenges you to work your hardest.
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