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College Station Independent School District Reviews

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College Station ISD is a great All-American school district. A school district of wonderful staff, teachers, and students. It allows for creative, athletic, and academic excellence. However, this excellence can sometime create competition become more important than need be.
It’s a pretty good school district they have good programs but I wish they had a little new more opportunities for the medical field.
The staff was very nice and they could change the dress code and the time we leave school even though it’s my last year.
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I attend College Station High School, and the staff is very nice.Something I would like to change is the School dress code.Because they are very overprotective about girls wearing leggings.
One thing I love about college station is the student involvement in each school activity. All students are included in every student activity and there is always a great turn out at every event. The teachers and staff members have always included student at all events. Students throughout the entire student body participate and have a great attitude in participating in these activities.
I love going to College Station High School, but there are a few things that I would change. First of all, I would change the dress code. It is very hot in Texas and I believe the dress code does not appropriately accommodate for the extreme temperatures due to its conservative nature.
I have had a great experience in school thanks to CSISD. They do everything g they can to make sure that every student succeeds and that is very valuable to me.
Overall, this school district has been pretty great. I've been to a bunch of school districts and this one has a relatively high standard compared to most. Yeah, there's not much I can ask for.
I liked the people I have met here. I would not want to be with anyone but the friends I have made here, even if I was offered $1,000,000 to do so. However, there are plenty of things that I didn’t like, but not a lot to make me consider moving schools.
The school district really cares about their students but sometimes they let stuff slip away from under them very easily.
This school district is a unique as it provides opportunities for any individual that may be face with any situations. They provide teachers that are genuinely there for the students while providing an education that is unforgettable.
There are well organize and clean. The service is very good and nice. The employee is kind and patient with all the helps and necessary questions.
College Station Independent School District exhibits character, pride, and responsibilty among the students and staff involved within it. The teachers truly care for their students and treat them as their own, while the students, in the other hand, take advantage of the tools given to them in order to succeed. One thing I would like to see change about the district is a larger emphasis on early college readiness and an increase in activities including excercises students can encounter in the real world.
I appreciated the opportunities afforded me through the CTE department so that I could narrow down what I wanted to do before i started college.
I enjoyed my years at CSISD as a student. The strive for success is a central focus for a student of any medium. The districts closeness to Texas A&M also opens opportunities for students who want to expose themselves to future majors or areas of studies.
I like the opportunities the district gives to the students and all of the encouragement given from the staff
As a student of the oldest of the three high schools in College Station Independent School District, it is disheartening to witness the success of the newer schools while mine lacks their resources. Yet, even with the disadvantages of an older school, higher-level academics continue to thrive. Even so, I would hope that the attention to higher-level academics at my school would shift to other courses and activities. Consider the arts. The orchestra's instruments annually need repair due to the summer heat when the district ignores the pleas to keep the air conditioning running in the fine arts wing. The choir lacks a second director for their large and ever-growing program. The band lags behind the newer high school in the district as their program has switched between three different head directors in four years. The College Station Independent School District is so far successful enough to get by, but it is in need of more reform than it knows.
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College Station Independent School District is a great district. Upon entering I immediately noticed that the schools are very school based. Their main focuse is to get student, like me, college ready. It’s a great district and I do recommend it.
Wonderful school district. Academic rigor and great teachers prepare you well for college, and a strong sense of school spirit is uplifting.
I enjoyed attending college station high school very much and I think that it prepared me very well for college. The academics and sports teams are very good and excel beyond the average school.
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