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The atmosphere that is presented within the community and within the schools is very welcoming and reassuring for any student or faculty member. The opportunities as far as classes and resources go, is amazing. We are exposed to college classes at our own desire with a main campus less than a mile away. The school is not only just a school but a place to call home for many just like myself.
The one thing I liked most about Prairie HS was the Show Choir Department. One thing I would like to change is the ability for multiple teams for sports, as those who are not exceptional can't even really go out for a team sport.
During my time at College Community School District, I have had what I believe to be the best education that I could have possibly gotten. Throughout my school career, I have learned the important impact that my teachers have had on me. Most classes are pretty diverse, however, a majority of our school is white. We do have lots of differently identified students ranging from religion, disabilities, sexuality, and others such as our trans students.Our school has made sure to treat all of the students the same which is what I and my peers will continue to do for the rest of our lives. No matter who we are our school helps us prepare for our lives outside of the district. From classes teaching us about finance in college to sending us to community colleges nearby to get college credits.Our teachers spend lots of time going beyond the expectations of teachers. Which is why the only thing average about College Community School District is the food!
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College Community is on the forefront of using technology in the classroom and uses a variety of teaching techniques to help all types of learners. I would like to school expand their AP course selection and also give me attention to those who have promise of continuing their education not just the highest test scores.
Some teachers were great but many have been subpar. They still have Spanish classes starting in k. Theres no orchestra! Some school's are new yet others need repair. I would love to see uniforms implemented allowing teachers to focus on teaching. The food is disgusting but at least some of the kids eat it. There should be more variety & options at all schools or kids should be assigned to schools based on food allergies so theyre not completely singled out. The kid allergic to peanuts should not have to sit alone at each elementary & if all the lactose intolerant were at 1 school they could have a milk option... They are open to parents volunteering we are allowed to be as involved or uninvolved as we want. I wish kids could feel safe to address issues about students & teachers as teachers like Mrs. Hill do not belong in school. They are tech savvy, kids have tablets in the young classes, and loaned computers in the higher grades.
I had a great experience attending school in the College Community School District. It is a relatively large school but you still have the opportunity to get to know many of your classmates. Sports were a big part of my school years and they have very good athletic teams at this school.
College community is one of the best schools in and around the Cedar Rapids area. The teachers address bullying before it becomes an issue by teaching the kids respect for one another. Both my children have excelled in all their classes and noticed a positive change in behavior since leaving CRSD. The administration has been great when I have concerns as a parent and help the kids excel at every aspect of their education, including state assessments. Keep up the great work Prairie!
The whole district overall is a wonderful and outstanding school district. With teachers that stop at nothing to help you succeed and you'll be met with friendly faces everyday that you go there. The musical arts programs are outstanding and can not be matched. Our choir is ranked third in the state and the music program is always known for going above and beyond what other bands do. The art classes are phenomenal. There are multiple class of art that you can choose from such as ceramics, drawing, sculpting, and painting.
The athletic coaches are known to push their students to their absolute best.The overall school is very friendly and full of culture.This school with prepare you for college like no other, and there was always a helping hand when you needed it. The teachers and other staff members are some of the most respectful and kind people you will know.
My overall experience at College Community School District has been a good one. The teachers are all very dedicated to their jobs and want to see their students succeed. If you are struggling in a class and need extra help the teachers are very good about making time outside of class to help you.
. College Community provides great opportunities for travel, like Washington D.C. and Spain, although at a high expense. The district also provides many electives including ceramics, and engineering. The faculties are not as great though, the older buildings including the high school and intermediate, are quite run down. The teachers are fine, some are more strict than others but none too much. To add on to the downsides, the district had changed the entire grading system, and students have not reacted well to the change. There are still kinks and mistakes in the system the bothers everyone. This new gradin system though, is actually more sufficient in helping students learn and retest, but by taking out letter grades and class rank, it isn't as college friendly as it once was. I would give this district a 4/5 stars for the opportunities and for the educational benefit, hopefully the faculaities will improve in the future.
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