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Colfax-Mingo Community School District Reviews

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I love that the teachers are so helpful. However, I feel that the administration lacks as they do not support the kids and teachers when we really see the problems first hand. Everyone is mostly kind to one another.
I was still in the process of learning English since I had only been in the U.S. for a month when I enrolled in the Colfax-Mingo district. Little did I know that there was no ELL programs (English Language Learning) or any support for students who are still learning English. Most of the students were bullies. I was called racial slurs and even thrown lunch boxes at me. When we brought the issue to the principal, he offered a temporary fix by transferring me to a Des Moines middle school for my second semester. The change was amazing and I thank him for that. Needless to say, my mother and I moved to Des Moines. I was in honor rolls in high school and made the President's or Dean's list in all the months I was in college. My advice to any minority families that are considering the CM School District: take a look, feel it out but don't be surprised if your child gets bullied. I sincerely hope it has changed since I attended but from recent reports, I doubt it.
I love going to Colfax-Mingo Schools. I have been going here my whole life and love everything about it from the teachers to the town to the community. Going to a small school is great because you know everyone, can always play the sport you are interested in and can have a close relationship with teachers and staff.
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A long tradition of great education and great learning experience! The community is very proud and support of our school!
My experience at Colfax- Mingo has been a roller coaster of events, the students and all of the staff are always amazing. At Colfax I never felt alone, there was always someone there for me weather it was help with my studies or life advice.
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