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Coleman Community Schools Reviews

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I liked Coleman Community schools. The curriculum was not as hard as it should be to prepare people for college.
this school is disgusting. very dirty, bad teachers, and an overall bad environment. Teachers do not respect students that put in hard work. they have their favorite students and if they don't like you, you are treated like garbage. my child has gone here for a month and we have learned that this school is TRASH.
Small community that allows teachers opportunity to get to know students well but the academic opportunities are very limited.
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I would love to see the food change, our lunches are not the best and better food would make this school 100 times better, and more healthy food. I love the people and teachers here, everyone tries to help each other become better people and a better person overall. I love the sports here too, it's usually one big family working together to get their goals achieved, the coaches are always helping you with your sports, and even your academics which is awesome.
Coleman is a great small town, with a very friendly atmosphere. The elementary is a very nice school, practically new. The high school is outdated, but in pretty good shape. Teachers are pretty nice for the most part, but most of them are not preparing kids for college or the SAT. High school students are given good opportunities, such as CTE. Overall is a good school district, but lacking the best possible teachers and education.
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