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Coldwater Exempted Village School District Reviews

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Coldwater Exempted Villiage Schools is a great place to enroll your kids for school. The teachers a nice and willing to help you with anything you need. I became close to many of them. The building is excellent with much life left. The students are great with many different backgrounds. Many are willing to lend a hand, and include you wherever you are from and who you are. A great way to describe Coldwater is “A great place to walk into in the morning”.
I love going to school here, but many of the things I'm interested in (theatre, band, choir, dance) are often overlooked by the athletic and academic communities.
Coldwater has the best teachers that teach you history math science and more. They also take care of bullying the high school principal is the best teacher.
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Coldwater Exempted Village School District is not only a school, it's a second home. Coldwater by far exceeds an average school. Coldwater has graduating classes of about 100 students a year, and a graduation rate of 98%, making it easy to get to know everyone in your class and pretty much your whole high school. The teachers provide fun and safe classrooms and promote equality and friendship. Coldwater teachers are not your "typical" teachers, they care about each one of their students and they take the time to learn about each student. They make you feel important and not just some random person walking down the halls. Coldwater is not just about people though. We also focus on sports, especially football. Coldwater Exempted Village School District is my alma mater and I'm proud to say I am from Coldwater. They have provided me with friends to last a lifetime and for that I believe Coldwater is the best school to go to.
Coldwater High School is the reason that I am prepared to begin my college journey at BGSU this year. The teachers and classes make it possible to be confident in your abilities. Everyone is very involved and my peers are like a family.
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