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I think the staff at Coldwater works hard to make the schools learning environment safe and effective. I would like to see an improvement in the amount of electives offered at the schools, as well as more preparation for the SAT or ACT.
What I love most about my experience at Coldwater High School was the involvement of my principle, teachers, and peers. Each club, sport, and event tries their absolute best to include anyone and everyone. We appreciate not only those who place sports, but the students and parents who come to support. Coldwater is great with involving the community into our schools with the Interact Service Club and football games. Personally, being a member of the Interact club has made me a more generous and aware individual in the community and I think it’s great that our school offers it.
It’s a smaller community and if you are interested in excelling in academics there are teachers willing to help you excel.
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My experience with coldwater community schools is great. Coldwater Community school has provided me with amazing experiences, and so many help and support.
this school sucks terrible the education here is bad it lacks in math and reading I do not recommend this school for anyone my son says it is a terrible place.
I had a great time in high school. There was plenty of help for students who struggled and a variety of AP classes for students who wished to excel. On top of that, sports teams were phenomenal.
The only reason I give Coldwater, Michigan a 3-star rating is for just that - Michigan! The cold weather surely stinks, that is why after 20 years of my life living there I have moved. That being said, however, the people are very honest. It is a small city where everyone knows everyone. The local eats are good (i.e. Short's Root Beer, etc.), and it is definitely a community-first environment. The schools are amazing 5+ stars for the academics (teachers, curriculum, and programs). That is one thing that doesn't even compare with the schooling of Florida public schools - they are fairly disgraceful in most regards.
The tecahers here a mostly nice. Some of them don't understand different students learn in different ways. The food here could be better. The schools are in good condition.
I enjoyed the diversity of the student body and the many opportunities for student experiences from many sports teams, to having AP classes, to after-=school clubs. I recommend that the administration change the allocation of money to be less focused on improving the technology and more on the infrastructure. I also recommend that the faculty and student body be much stricter on having a zero tolerance for bullying and teach the students to not value their social status in high school.
The teachers were helpful mostly, none of them were really teaching us for college. The phone policy really hurt the environment and so did some of the rules for clothes.
I thought my experience at Coldwater high school was good! There are normal maintenance fixes that could've been done at the time I was there but have now recently been done and look great. Dual enrolling, I wish would have been more talked about and well known as an option to all.
The opportunities that Coldwater High School provides for its students in a rural area far exceed my expectations. The exceptional classes that are offered enable me to push myself, stretching my capabilities beyond the restrictions of the classroom. I can strive for more in an ambitious learning environment, challenging the status quo. All of my experiences here have shaped me into a better human. The most prominent issue I find with the school is the lack of gratitude of the students for the capacious ranges of opportunities that CHS has. The school spirit, outstanding staff, rigorous academics, and various extracurricular activities all contribute to my appreciation of the school, which i wish would be shared with the collective student body.
My overall experience at Coldwater Community Schools has been very interesting and memorable. The staff is exceptionally kind to all, although not every individual agrees with them on every instance. What I would like to see changed is an end being put to racism and bullying. Being the second largest Arabic community in Michigan, it is important to end racism and love everybody.
My experience with Coldwater Community Schools is overall positive. I feel that I am getting a quality education in a safe, wholesome environment.
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