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Coldspring-Oakhurst Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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I would like to see a lot of things change in Coldspring. The football team is treated better than anyone else in the school, that is where most of the money goes. The girl's sports get teachers with no knowledge of the sport as coaches and no equipment.
Coldspring-Oakhurst High School offers Ap classes as well as dual credit. During my high school years there the staff have always been considerate. The teachers are understanding and offer one on one time either before or after school. The only major downside to this school is how small it is makes the funding for associations tight. Clubs such as Hosa, the CNA practicum, FBLA, and even FFA dues are averaged around $50 a piece. I believe that if there more funding towards these academic groups more students would be involved.
Coldspring is a poor excuse for a school system. I’ve had some good times, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved some teachers, and had some amazing classes. BUT! All they think about is money for themselves and not their students. They pick favorites. They’re more worried about he said, she said stuff than the students who are actually crying out for help. I supported the school and was in drillteam for 7 years (including Jr High) Our team was a light in our horrid system. I loved the team in on and loved the director. One of the only people I could trust. Teachers are shady. The office staff is shady. They’re rude and do not care about your concerns at all. The school is a overall dump and my children will NEVER attend such a low and unaccredited place like Coldspring ISD.
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Coldspring Oakhurst High school is a terrible place to take your childern. Students are not welcomed if they haven't been there their entire lifes. Bullying is a huge issue.
I love being able to be apart of so many aspects in school but wish we were equipped with more teachers
At this school there is a lot of social interaction but the curriculum is not too challenging. Multiple aspects of the school need improvement but slowly getting better. Like every school there is the different crowds of people but everyone is tangled together in such a small school district.
Growing up in COCISD was a key factor in why I decided to leave and go off to college. I’m just blessed that I have a 3.1GPA. There are about 400 people total in high school, we need more life skills electives and other classes to choose from. Every year we lose teachers or don’t hire enough and it tends to hender education.
My experience at Coldspring has been getting better every year. When I started out as a freshman the school wasn't the best but as the years go by I see a big shift happening at this school. But I would like to see more improvements happening in the fine arts programs.
It is a decent school for being small but I would like to see teachers stay for longer than one year. Right now our school is acting as a training school that teachers pass by on their first year of teaching.
The experience in Coldspring high school wasn't the greatest. Some teachers were too concentrated on their sports and others highly involved in teaching. I feel like their should be a change in teacher/coaches requirements.
I like how the new principal of the last two yeas is trying to improve the school as a whole. Classes have gotten better teaching wise and student. I dislike the food and that some teaches choose not to fallow even the simplest of rules.
I graduated in the class of 2016, which was a great relief to get away from this High School. Nothing is organized for the students (we didn't even get to have a Senior trip), the teachers pass kids that don't even come to class, and there is never a stable job for any employee. The AP students basically do the exact same work as kids in regular classes. The only thing the Superintendent only cares about the football program (which is going down hill fast). The worst thing that this school has to offer is the teachers. Every teacher in the school just wants to get through the day, none of them truly even teach, they basically hand out just one or two papers and give them random grades. They do not per-pare students for college level work by any means. The Principles basically just act strict but if a student gets in trouble it's only a day or so in ISS.
I enjoyed the small population and non over crowed hallways. I would change the way the staff treat the pupils.
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