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I have had a good experience with Colchester School District over the years. The teachers, staff, and faculty work hard to make my learning environment ideal. Colchester school district has created a choose your own path learning style. They are very flexible with students learning styles, this is what helps students learn the content so well. The athletics have always been very competitive and serious, yet very fun and really makes me feel part of the community. I feel very safe in my school because we work very close with Colchester Police Department and there is almost always a recourse officer on campus. The high school is full of security cameras which was a recent addition to the school. Overall, Colchester is a great school district and I would recommend it to any parents looking for a nice place to settle and send their kids to school.
As I conclude my senior year at Bacon Academy I feel completely prepared to continue my education at the university of my choice. Throughout my years as a student I have come across very good educator and not so great educators. However my overall experience was good. The Colchester school system offers it's students multiple resources in order to go above and beyond their education years. There is multiple AP and college accredited courses available. In addition to that Bacon Academy has felt like the safest school I have ever attended. In my years of attending there has never been any intruders or major threats held at our school. It s a very safe and slam environment.
The elementary school was great but JJIS and the administration has proven to be terrible. The principal doesn't like to handle serious issues and they're are teaches not fit to teach children. Get your act together colchester! People are leaving everyday !
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I really have enjoyed my time at the Colchester Public Schools, and I have been attending since I have been in kindergarten. I love how many activities they have to peak kid's interests, and most of teachers have been wonderful. At the high school level there have been a boatload of AP classes I can take, which I have definitely been doing. Although the schools may not be the best, and most up to date or polished, the teachers make the experience worth it. Eventually you learn to laugh that your locker won't open because it's 30+ years old and the lock sticks! And they are remodeling the middle school so that is pretty exciting for the younger generations. Overall my experience in the school district has been positive for the most part.
In general, I did like Colchester School District. They offered a wide variety of classes, sports, and opportunities to be involved in the community.
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