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It’s an overall great school with a great faculty and staff. It has all kinds of clubs and extracurricular activities for everyone to find something they love. It has great history in the sports world. Everyone knows about confident. It’s motto is destination graduation and that’s what it strives to do.
Great school for learning.. parents could be more involved but the teachers are good but they can do better. The overall learning experience is great. The food was good. The staff was decent.
The teachers are excellent and know how to teach to the fullest extent. The environment here is very welcoming, and it's easy to make friends along the way. I liked how the teachers are determined to teach each student until they understand. The teacher will find ways to explain to the student, so they can understand. Another aspect I liked was how the school offers many clubs for students because these clubs will benefit these students in the future and with their careers. I believe the only change that would need to made is there needs to more effort to prepare each student for college. Even though there is AP classes and MOWR classes, I feel like students how take regular classes are not given the same advice or encouragement about going to college. It is also seen that they are not prepare to face the challenges there will be in college because these students are only being thought the material they need to graduate and not the material that will benefit them in college.
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I go to Enterprise High School and over the school is pretty nice I just wish the teachers had a little more involvement with the students and that there was more clubs for students to join.
Coffee County Schools over all are pretty good as an educational facility. For the most part the teachers are excellent, other than the occasional teacher you dont like but thats going to be at any school you attend, theres always going to be some teachers you don't like.
My experienced with Coffee County Schools were excellent because the faculty were excellent because if you need help in any class they are willing to help you with anything, As long as they see you trying and caring they are willing to do anything for that child/student.
My experience was really great. The teachers work really hard to make you feel included. They also try their best to make sure you understand every part of the lesson.
My overall experience at Coffee High has been great. The school offers challenging academic paths and a mediocre amount of clubs and activities, with the exception of sports. Sports here are very popular, and therefor receive the most resources, especially football.
Coffee county schools are more worried about the region championship instead of education. The teachers honestly do not care about many things except a certain few. The school motto is " destination, graduation for college career and life" yet the school fails to follow or show the motto.
I enjoyed my overall experience here. There were many teachers that made a big impact on me and I know they truly cared about the students. One thing they should change is how much money they spend towards sports and try to use it to improve the school to provide a better learning environment.
Poor school system, and it was about to lose its accreditation. I did not enjoy going to this school AT ALL. It is a racist piece of CRAP.
I love the school system here. As a former student and graduate, I knew I didn't want anyone else to teach my kids. The teachers are easy to get along with, the are patient and kind to everyone. Most importantly they love their job.
Well, the environment itself is a good one. Its a close knit and helpful community. However, the way the administration runs things is highly nonprofessional and illogical. There are some wonderful teachers there, but here are also horrible ones that the school allows to stay in for some reason.
Coffee county schools' staff shows charisma to all students and cares about all students' future. It's a great atmosphere in the classrooms, and the teachers are willing to help in every way they can. There are so many opportunities available at the high school, for example, AP courses, MOWR classes, and honor classes. I'm glad I was able to attend Coffee High School.
I would like to see the culture change in the school. The school is ran by a select group of people or students. The select group can get away with anything. The teacher also look past them as well. The academics departments need to step up as well. The school is ranked as an average or below average school. They need to step up and emphasize how important education is in the world.
Coffee County has a unique ninth grade academy! I received an amazing educational and learning experience. Most of the students grew up at the Ninth grade academy and I wish all school systems had ninth grade only academy. Although the ninth grade academy is amazing, the middle school is terrible. It's like a prison. They control your every move. You have no freedom to express yourself or grow up.
I liked my teachers and the schools where ok. I feel like the lunches needed an improvement and some of the ways we learned.
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Overall Coffee schools are pretty good. Ive had some GREAT teachers, and I feel like the school system will continually grow with time.
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