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Coeur d'Alene School District Reviews

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Very nice people. I am not just a number. My instructors knew me personally. Some of my teachers would attend my school-sponsored sporting events. I had an opportunity to lead my soccer sports team as a captain for a couple of years as well. I have been blessed with many opportunities to participate in various clubs such as key club, mathletes, DECA, and volunteer opportunities. I felt like I was a key contributor for an excellent school climate. I was challenged academically and rose to the occasion on a regular basis.
this is a great town and the school district is excellent also! i have been in this town for over 10 years and heard nothing but great reviews and reports about the school district here. there are many people around here from many different backgrounds and from many different places.
There was a lot of opportunity for students to be involved in activities; however, it seemed to be the same students taking advantage of specific events and not giving anyone else the same opportunity.
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I liked many of the teachers I've had. They are quality educators and they care about the individual person. I like the support I've had when in times of crisis. I don't know much I would change.
Coeur D’Alene High School is a very fun, involved, and dedicated school. The teachers want to prepare students for the next step of their lives whether it be college, the work force, or life in general. The classes offered have many different levels as far as college based to basic courses. There are plenty of extra curricular activities to join. The sports at this school are supported by students and staff.
CHS is a very welcoming and loving school. The teachers do all they can to help and provide for us. Although there has been a few bullying situations they were resovled very quickly. One of the most sweet and nice schools you can go to.
CHS is a great school that encourages students to go for their dreams. Yet since it is located in Northern Idaho it is not very diverse.
I love the school culture and feeling that everyone belongs. School activities are inviting and numerous, there's something for everyone. I wish the school had better food and a wider variety of healthy food choices.
This school had an excellent group of peers who supported one another well. People were very involved in sporting events and other school activities. Most teachers have wonderful personalities and bring value to learning.
Our school district is looking for a new super attendant and they had every student council class from every high school to get our opinions the students to see what we would want in the super attendee.
This district seems to have an above average amount of talent and caring teachers in the elementary school.
I loved my time within the Coeur'd Alene school district, but moving outside of the district I realize how very much non-diverse it is. I also am learning that I was not as prepared for college as I initially thought education wise. I received a great education, but it was not amazing. An area to improve I would definitely say is the food. The food was not filling for most meals, nor did it have a good taste.
It was not too bad, and very good for an Idaho public school. Sports program and booster system is extremely active and it puts a lot of revenue into the school that trickles down into more scholastic endeavors.
I like this school district because it is very safe and friendly. It has a great environment of students who are all caring and nice. The schools in the district have a healthy rivalry with each other making it fun to compete in sports and other extra curricular activities.
Coeur d'Alene School District overall creates a great learning atmosphere for young students. Many teachers are active and involved in the success of the students. There are many students from different interests that are welcomed in their place of interest in certain groups, sports clubs, and activities throughout the district.
Great schools and informed teachers for the most part. I enjoyed my experience from k through 12th in the cda school district.
Cda highschool is a great school. It offers a great selection of classes with the best teachers to teach them. They're able to get you college ready, escpecially with dual-credit enrollment. With such great counselors to help you along the way with either graduation or your college classes.
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What I really like about the school district myself is that all the staff members are all friendly. its a small tight nit community and is always there for each other. they always make the students their first priority.
I really like how there are so many different options for anyone to choose if he or she is not athletic. There are a lot of clubs, ones that even promote kindness and anti-bullying. Also, the teachers are really great but also strict enough to the point where they won't give you 100% on late work. In life, this is a great lesson: You can't turn things in late for work or bills and not pay some sort of consequence. The Coeur d'Alene school district is a great well-rounded school district. I would recommend bringing your child to this school district over any other.
They were very nice. They care about making sure that everyone that comes through has the best chance of being successful. I am very sad to have to leave such a nice school district, but I need to go to the next level. I'm sad that I have to leave my teachers. They were the best and the most inspiring.
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