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One thing I like about Cobb Country Schools is that there are a variety of people and no one should or will feel out of place.I like the most of the teachers care and there is a teacher that you can talk to.I also like that they take sports seriously,because I’m a cheerleader and I love a big crowd of people and just hearing people in the stands. I don’t always feel like they use the money for the right things and taking unnecessary money from us the students. But overall it’s a pretty great district and I wouldn’t want to go to any other district
I enjoy all the activities and clubs at my school, which allow me to feel apart of my community and connect with my classmates. I have made many amazing friends, who share similar ambitions as I. Exposing myself to people who care about my academic success has helped me to push myself to improve my grades, GPA, and test scores. I am confident that my experience at Cobb County has prepared me for college life. Even though, I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life, I am sad that I will have to leave my school and all the amazing experiences of high school.
I liked the overall attitude towards success and everyones work ethic. When walking into a school it is apparent that all students are committed to their studies and also other extracurricular activities.
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The overall environment is clean and a great place to get work done to ready me for college and potential jobs in the future. The teachers are helpful and the students are respectful. The only change I would like to see is for there to be better food in the cafeteria. Although it is not terrible, it would be nice for better-tasting lunch.
Sprayberry High School is the most outstanding! The teachers are inspiring and are amazing! The Principal is also wonderful and the administration is consistently improving and updating the school. Absolutely amazing and NO complaints! There are exceptional courses which are rigorous and the block schedule is perfect to aid the workload. 10/10 would recommend.
Cobb County Schools are very strict but also good which help our kids. They help build our child's future which makes the lives of the parents a little bit easier.
The administration has been not great my years being in this school system. Teachers are wonderful though, and environments are considerably safer now with new administration instated this year.
I would like to see more money given to the music education programs in Cobb County. The students who perform with these schools all work very very hard to put on the productions that are often times overlooked.
Overall, my experience at Cobb County Schools has served me well. I like all the help that I'm able to receive from the faculty and teachers. We also have an incredible accessibility to some really good study programs and resources. One thing I would like to changed although, is the quality of the food. There have been many times where students have gotten sick due to lack of well prepared food.
The schools I have attended in this county have been well-staffed and competitive, but can often be restrictive in allowing students' to express their opinions. As well, the teachers lack collaboration and communication between departments creating an overabundance of assignments each night that require maximum time and effort to complete.
Really good school, quality teachers and opportunities. Amazing sports programs. Probably the worlds worst parking situation.
I am Currently A senior at Campbell high school. I love the environment and the pictures are very helpful when it comes to money. I have never had any bad experiences during my four years. Cobb County is a great school District . it is ranked as the second best school district in the state of Georgia.
There are many resources available to help students succeed. East Cobb expectations and demands placed on students are too stressful, especially for students with learning disabilities.
The schools are connected through sports. There are a variety of excellent programs based in the high schools.
I liked how diverse my the schools were. I met many people from different backgrounds and got to branch out and expand my knowledge on different cultures, I even learned two new languages in school!
i think Cobb county is an excellent school district. However if i could change one thing i feel the students are so competitive. We feel like we have to have so many AP classes and sports and extra curricular just to keep up. It is a wonderful school system but a lot of pressure to always be on top
Mceachern is a horrible school . Ms montegomery has no type of communication with the students . The campus is beautiful while the cafeteria has great food. Ms amateur is a great teacher for physics!
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I love the high standards that are set for their students and how many clubs and activities there are to join.
I think the one thing I a absolutely love about Cobb county schools is how diverse the school systems are. You get to meet people from all around the world and people that come from different backgrounds, which is amazing. I also love the teachers that Cobb County has, I feel that they have taught me a lot both from the subjects I am studying, but also a lot about life in general and preparing me for the real world. The administrators at my school are some of my favorite people because they help to enforce the rules to keep our school safe, but they also know how to interact with the students in a way that makes them feel that they really care about us. And that is why I love living in Cobb County and have the privilege of going to a Cobb County school.
I love Cobb County Schools because I know that I have received a great education. I have made many wonderful friends and have loved my high school experience. I have also had amazing teachers that care about me and my education.
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