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Good teachers who care about their students. Good athletic programs. Class size is fine. Counselors will help with college.
I like the diversity and the strong dedication the teachers have. They have security to keep the students safe. There are many opportunities for students to learn and grow and gain experience. They help as much as possible and want the students to do well in life
I really love the teachers because they really make sure you understand what you are learning and they are passionate about their job. I also really love how many class options they have. The only thing I’d like to see improve would be the stigma Coatesville Area School District schools get. We all get such a bad reputation but the schools are actually really amazing and full of wonderful people. I used to go to a private catholic highschool that made me feel very unwelcomed and the teachers were horrible and and a lot of the people were very rude and it was so restrictive. My first we at Coatesville everyone kept telling me how much happier I looked and I really do feel so much happier in this great school.
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Our family moved to CASD and I heard all of the stories, but thought I would give it a chance. What a disaster! Removed our child from this dump after a half year. The teacher morale is so low you sense their frustration and apathy towards their jobs, because Tashner and the School Board obviously has zero clue about properly running a district. The quality of education is laughable in that environment, yet taxes keep going up and for what? The state should take over this district or have it absorbed into Unionville and/or Downingtown.
I loved my teachers, the music program, and the environment that was created for me. The teachers were protective yet understand that as I grew up and developed that I would have to learn about the real world for myself. They challenged me and and helped me through anything that I couldn’t do by myself. I participated in the music program from 4th grade to 12th grade and even in college I continue to play my instrument and march in the band. The music program was a second home for me. My band directors were wonderful people and continue to be after I have left. No matter what other people say about this school district I will always stand by them and have pride in where I was educated.
I had a great experience obtaining my education in this school district. The teachers that I have had were wonderful, going out of there way to work with each students learning abilities and levels. The only thing I would like to see change is the disciplinary measures. Students that misbehave should have more accountability put on them and that would make others think before acting out of line.
Coatesville will always have my heart. I don’t know another school that is like coatesville, the teachers are always so helpful and ready to teach students, no matter the pay they receive. I wouldn’t change a thing about Coatesville schools.
Overall It Was A Very Great Highschool & A Good Experience A lot Of People Talk Down On Our Highschool .. & Don’t Realize There Is A lot Of Great Kids There With Great Potenial .. They couldve Did a better job with the cyber students as far as seniors .. letting them known what was going on
My experience in the Coatesville Area School District was EXCELLENT!! The teachers and staff are always available and willing to help with whatever you need help with. I would like to see more and better communication with the TCHS (Technical College High School) students it seems that we are always left out and find important information out last especially when it comes to the seniors and the time for graduation!
Coatesville is a very diverse school that makes it work. There could be a few minor improvements, but overall everyone tries their best. Throughout my years in Coatesville I have witnessed everyone come together to overcome every single obstacle that was thrown at us. Tradition is held very high at Coatesville. This school prepares you for the real world. Our students work very hard to prove our reputation wrong, and they do succeed to do so. The teachers are very helpful, and go above an beyond to help you understand the material that they are teaching. They have stayed with their students through the absolute worst and they continue to stay by their students side.
I have been a Coatesville Student for my entire educational career to date. From Kindergarten to my Junior year in high school I have met some amazing people as well as teachers who are extremely dedicated and inspiring. All of this is great, however, our district is extremely mismanaged with a very political hierarchy which often times makes for a poor learning environment because of the harsh reality we are all aware of. Despite all of this, Coatesville has great AP programs which allow their top students to excel and prosper despite their environment.
I like how coatesville has many classes and very good teacher but the school district has gone down hill. Our wonderful teachers do not have a contract and have not had one for a while, There are many teachers leaving and no replacements. This school district keeps getting worst.
The teachers are very good, and very committed to their students. The elementary schools and middle school buildings are in very bad shape and need a lot of repairs.
As a homeschool student, I haven't really been involved too much with Coatesville area high school. But my few interactions have been good.
Coatesville area school district is a very unique place to learn. they provide great teachers and you can truly thrive if you want to learn to the best of your ability.
Coatesville has become my home in many ways. We come together as one when we need each other the most and we have so much heart in everything we do. We are a team on and off the field, the classroom, and the halls. I have lived in Coatesville my whole life and some people hate it here, but those that hate dont see and dont appreciate the wonderful city we have around us. Coatesville is my forever home.
Coatesville Area Senior High School i full of diversity. throughout the building you will find, students of all types of ethnicity, religion, and backgrounds. This diversity gives students the opportunity to communicate and grow as individuals of all types.
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I’ve loved my teachers, they go out of their way to make sure each student has the best school year possible. I’ve made incredible kind friends, and have just made some wonderful memories through the years!
The teachers at my highschool are amazing. They care about each individual and really show it to the ones who care back. We do have a lot of people (students) who don't care about their education at all and their grades do reflect on that.
Many excellent teachers who really care about the students! Some of the buildings are not in great shape, but they are working on improving that. Would like to see stronger disciplinary action taken, when necessary.
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