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My teachers have always been there for me when I needed their help and appreciate it so much. They have helped shaped me to be the student that I am today. When I got down on myself because I didn't understand a concept they cheered me up and got me through all the tough times.
I love Coatesville's school spirit. I feel very welcomed and safe. I also love how they try to include everyone. They have so many clubs that will fulfill anyone's interest.
I would like to see more help with college scholarships. There needs to be more focus on helping students choose careers and more help with college selection. It would be helpful to have field trips to colleges for visits. It would also be helpful to have more guidance counselors involved and better preparation with standardizing testing.
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coatesville is an amazing school, the teachers care about us students and the coaches are great. there is such diversity that is what makes it so unique send your kid here they will grow and prosper to the fullest extent! I loved coatesville i was a cheerleader and i strived there, they have AP classes and they never fail to help me grow as a individual. I always was taken care of here and the staff made me feel like family. The education that i received was so amazing i am currenty going to temple U and i am so prepared for whats to come. this is an amazing school!!
I loved the diversity among students at this school. I wish there was more diversity among the teachers. There's a good amount but I just wish there was more. I think gym should be optional.
Coatesville area high school has diversity and amazing resources. the educators are very well trained and prepare the student for college life while having resources and guidance for your child’s future. As well as cultural differences that make Coatesville so diverse and real.
The diversity in my school is what really makes it unique. The teachers are always striving to teach their students
Coatesville Area School District has shaped me in to the person I am today. I am very thankful to have been surrounded by such amazing teachers and students throughout my journey in Coatesville. I believe that I am academically prepared for the journey I will be starting in post secondary school. My parents have instilled in me to have that drive to be successful and never give up my dreams. Coatesville has given me so many resources and materials to help me better myself into becoming the successful person I will be one day. I will always, always have Coatesville pride.
What I liked about Coatesville school district is that everyone was always close and the teachers cared.
Doors locked to prevent students from walking in to classes to start fights, educational standards so low you'd have to dig a trench to set the bar and administration that care for nothing but their own salaries. Some teachers are fantastic, others completely apathetic.
Coatesville is often looked down upon, but if you ask any student who spent their childhood attending the schools of the district, you would most likely hear positive reviews. The best thing about the district is the teachers. They work hard and care about every single student. As a former student of the district, my teachers were always there to help me with anything and many of my high school teachers prepared me extremely well for college.
Coatesville gets a really bad reputation for the quality of the schools, but as in most cases, education is something you have to work for yourself. If you don't want to learn anything, you aren't going to, but if you push yourself and accept the help that teachers and staff are willing to give you as well as doing work on your own time, you can get a lot out of the experience. One of the best things about Coatesville is the people- you'll meet just about anyone under the sun in the city and during high school, and even after you graduate there's a strong sense of community. It really helped me growing up to feel like I was a part of something bigger. The academics are somewhat lacking in rigor, but like I said, if you want to work hard, there are lots of amazing teachers who can help you achieve what you need to get into a great post-secondary or technical school.
Like every school district, Coatesville has its hiccups. At the same time I am so proud to have had the opportunity to go to school here. Over the years, I have met some incredible staff and students, have made lasting relationships, and most importantly, worked hard to receive a good education. Coatesville is home to the most accepting, diverse, and (when you look past their tough exterior) friendly kids and I love each and every day.
The teachers in this district are very nice and relatable. The schools are kept clean. Most of the schools offer fun incentive days. This is a diverse district. The high school sports teams are amazing! The district is in need of lowering the taxes.
CASD is an amazing district. We receive a large amount of negative press, but that's not who we are. Our students serve their community and create endless opportunities for themselves. Like every school, we have our sour bunch, but that doesn;t keep us from doing what we do. The teachers are so supportive of their students.
Coatesville Area Senior High School has been all a student could ask for. Despite the common ideal about what the school district has to offer, it has been essential to my development as an individual. Coatesville has wonderful AP teachers that prepare you completely for college. The lower level teachers are all level minded and patient. Athletics at Coatesville are top notch; whether you are new to a sport or have been playing your whole life there is a spot for you or your child no matter what. If i could change one thing about the school district, I would like the clubs to have more recognition. S.P.I.R.I.T, and bridge are two clubs focused on diversity and overcoming oppression should be recognized more to gain support.
My 13 years of school at Coatesville have provided me with a multitude of situations and opportunities that will have me in a better situation later in life. Overall, its education and teachers are what you would find in an average high school, but the culture at our school is unparalleled. Everyone understands that it is important to come together as one if you are going to have a voice as a community. This was demonstrated when our school held a rally and march to raise awareness for issues in our community. This showed everyone that even kids in high school have a voice and are able to make a difference. It is things like these that make Coatesville such a wonderful place.
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Good teachers who care about their students. Good athletic programs. Class size is fine. Counselors will help with college.
I like the diversity and the strong dedication the teachers have. They have security to keep the students safe. There are many opportunities for students to learn and grow and gain experience. They help as much as possible and want the students to do well in life
I really love the teachers because they really make sure you understand what you are learning and they are passionate about their job. I also really love how many class options they have. The only thing I’d like to see improve would be the stigma Coatesville Area School District schools get. We all get such a bad reputation but the schools are actually really amazing and full of wonderful people. I used to go to a private catholic highschool that made me feel very unwelcomed and the teachers were horrible and and a lot of the people were very rude and it was so restrictive. My first we at Coatesville everyone kept telling me how much happier I looked and I really do feel so much happier in this great school.
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