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Coal City Community Unit School District No. 1 Reviews

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I will always be proud to represent the Coal City Coalers for the rest of my life. This school district gave me a great education, overall experience, and many memories to treasure forever. The only critique I have is the high school teaching staff and coaching staff. The tests scores are good, but there are a few teachers that do not belong at the school district. There are also some coaches who are unfair and pick favorites, despite the good athletic records.
Coal City Unit District No. 1 was a great school experience. I attended all of my kindergarten through senior year school years in the district and they were all positive years. The district prepared me for my time in college and was rich with education while I was there. I was one of very few students of color which made my experience different but still wonderful.
Offers a positive culture and numerous activities for students of all types. Very professional facilities and an amazing staff.
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Throughout my years of attending public school through Coal City Unit District 1, I was given multiple amazing opportunities that allowed me to better myself and challenge myself in more than one way. Being very involved with multiple sports allowed me to learn how to be a part of a team and do my part. My social skills also improved since I was always meeting new people from the other schools that our teams faced. Being involved in three sports throughout the year also taught me how to manage my time and to spend it wisely as well. Although it seemed like a balancing act at some points, I was still able demonstrate a strong athletic ability as well as a strong, well-rounded academic record by remaining an A student at all times as well. I was also able to figure out what I would like to peruse as a career due to the helpful teachers, coaches, and rest of the Coal City Unit District 1 faculty who have helped me become the person I am today.
I like how much the teachers care about a students learning experience . There are many academic opportunities for students throughout this district
I like the small town fell of the school. Sports is a great way to stay involved in your four year experience. Overall my four years was a good experience.
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