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Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School District Reviews

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I love this school, because the teacher's really try their best to make Clyde students successful. They care and are willing to do anything for any of the students.
Here at Clyde, the classes are medium-sized, the faculty will work one-on-one to ensure you succeed, and are very knowledgeable. The atmosphere is set to push success and achievement on the students and staff alike!
Clyde High School has done a very good job preparing me for the future, and especially now that they have added these college readiness classes. The clubs and sports at Clyde have excellent people in charge of them and they have very supportive people in the community for every activity. I couldn't really ask for a better high school to prepare me for the future.
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The school welcomes students with open arms and pushes them to be the best students and people they can be. The teachers are all very well educated and have a positive influence in their students lives.
The Clyde-Green Spring Exempted Village School District is a great place to live, work in and also go to school in. The community acts as family and the schools are always ready to help. The experience I have had at school has always been positive and I truly believe they have gotten me ready for my future.
I have made so many life long friends at this school. I love how helping the teachers were. You can tell they want students to be the best and succeed. They weren't in it for the money, they taught because they care. The school food is not the best, but other than that this school is very nice.
My high school career at Clyde was wonderful. I was super involved in sports which made making friends super easy. The school is really sports oriented which made things easier for the athletes. But, the faculty did show attention to all the other students the best they could. The faculty is very supportive and always willing to help their students.
What I really like is that the teacher like play games to help you learn and if you need help with anything they have sessions after school for that. What I would change is that like everyone should get put in lunch together with everyone.
I liked C-GS schools. Nice environment, amazing options for students, and an efficient system. It was really easy for me to ask questions because the teachers were very friendly. They are also very helpful. Simple, well thought out rules also make the place more enjoyable, considering the people that would cause havoc if there wasn't sufficient rules. There are some things that would be greatly appreciated if they were to change. Every time I leave the lunch room, the next lunch group is literally running in to get in the lunch line. If the no running rule can be forced, then I'm pretty sure that more people than just me will appreciate it. Lastly, the very strict rule on phones is somewhat excessive. If the teacher gave us about 1 or 2 minutes to relax at the end of the period, then we should be allowed to use our phones for just a little bit of time. Besides these 2 things, I think that the C-GS schools are amazing places.
Clyde-Green Springs Schools are wonderful. The community is lively and fun with city-wide events and the annual fair. Teachers in the Clyde-Green Springs School District are excellent at communicating with and helping students succeed and accomplish their goals and the whole community gets together to support high school sports. This is a phenomenal place to live and raise children!
I overall enjoyed my experience in the Clyde-Green Springs school system. Not only were we close, but the support and love we show for each other in and outside of school were amazing. Our school made sure that everyone had time a devoted time to do homework or to meet with teachers when we needed help. Teachers made sure to keep up with you by constantly updating grades and emails. The school system recently provided chromebooks for the students allowing us to use technology to further our education while making sure that we stayed on task by limiting access to certain website.
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