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The administration at the middle school is atrocious. They turn a blind eye to things like sexual assault yet nitpick over absolutely trivial things and hand out discipline over the most ridiculous and harmless behaviors. They single out kids they don’t like and then spend 3 years making their lives miserable. I went from having 3 kids who loved school, got straight A’s and zero behavior issues to 3 kids who hated school, B’s and C’s and are belittled on a regular basis once they started attending CMS. It’s time to get rid of the awful administration!!
It was a excellent school, teachers are concerned with you education and constantly push you to achieve higher results. Student body is very friendly and I enjoyed attending the school. the Female sports programs excelled while the boys struggled at times. All in all I really enjoyed my time at Cloverleaf.
High school could be difficult at times, but I was always happy at school with my teachers. Every year, I had teachers who were passionate about their jobs, and were interested in getting to know their students. They always took extra steps to push us farther. I felt supported by my teachers, and I always knew they cared me and my fellow students. This was something that my friends from other schools could not always relate to, so I am forever thankful for the handful of teachers I got to have during my four years here.
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I love the school spirit and the community that supports the district. I have gone to Cloverleaf my whole school career and now an a Senior in High School. There is and always will be support and people willing to help anyone when it is needed. The school itself is average and gives out diplomas like any other school, but the community and people make the school district.
Cloverleaf Local School has served me well, I don't want to be too positive in this review though it is a pretty good school. I have been here in this district my whole life and I haven't had many problems with bullies in the high school. The school is a pretty good size; not too big or small. There are AP options at the Highs school which some school around here do not have. Special learning teachers are available if needed in all the elementary , middle school, and high school. Coming from a child who needed speech therapy when I was younger this school was great to me and my parents in helping us in our situation. Overall and good school to be raised in no matter what kid of situation you are in with you children.
I like the opportunities for college credit and the assistance we are given by administration to apply to colleges. I would like to see more diversity and a closer, more comfortable environment throughout the district. Though I do like most of the students I know, I feel disconnected from the majority of the school. That being said, the staff do make a solid effort to keep us all somewhat connected; There is constant reminders of various clubs, sports, and support groups that are capable of bringing students together. In all honesty I think the disconnect between the student population stems from the forced thought that certain "types of people" belong to a specific group. Students feel that we should not expand our knowledge and friendships because we belong with a certain few people. I'm sure that this is an issue that can be found in the majority of settings from school districts to workplace environments.
It was not a good school. There was lack of discipline, no culture or diversity (practically everyone was the same, making it a rather dull environment), the classes were strictly by the book and no outside thinking was administered. I feel as if going there made me even worse of a student. I believe rigorous classes and material is needed to challenge the students, because many of them were bored with the curriculum due to how easy it was.
I attended Cloverleaf High School my entire life and also graduated from there. I would describe my overall experience as average. For the most part, I had pretty good teachers with a few bad ones in the mix. Most of them did a good job at teaching the material. This is a rather small school so there were not many clubs or activities to join. There was also little to no diversity as there were a small amount of students in total in this rural area. I feel that the faculty did its best to try to improve the school, but nothing much changed in the years that I attended. I do not have another school experience to compare this school to, but I still feel that the experience was overall average and somewhat unpleasant.
I loved how Cloverleaf was like a tight knit family. I would like for the the sports teams to perform better.
Cloverleaf is an alright school for a rural community with descent academics. All the buildings for each grade (K-12) are in the same are, and could almost be considered a campus. I say almost, as only two of the three main buildings are connected by a sidewalk, and the walk between the three are fairly long. The sports are just OK, the football team is kind of crummy, but the every other teams tends to preform alright. The high school has ties to The University of Akron, and a dedicated distant learning lab for students who want to take college credits in high school (CCP or PSEOP, or whatever they call it now).
Cloverleaf School District is a wonderful place because of the experience it provides you with. Cloverleaf makes you feel at home. The small classroom sizes leaves room for bonding and building a relationship with not only your teacher but your class mates as well.
The majority of the teachers are really amazing and they have wonderful music and sports programs but the administration is terrible.
I hate Cloverleaf and I am glad I left to go to the Medina County Career Center. I was bullied for a while and they did nothing, they took the bully's side. I didn't learn really anything. The classmates are out of control for the most part. I will never return there because it is so bad sometimes.
Cloverleaf is a great school that I enjoyed attending. All of the teachers are supportive and kind. I would recommend changes to the building such as air conditioning and diverse learning opportunities for the students.
I have been in the Cloverleaf district for 10 1/2 years now and I can honestly say every year is different. For high school is always hard and I believe at Cloverleaf you are pushed harder to prepare you for what is to come later. I feel that with all the new standardized testing, that we as students are kept up to date on everything VERY WELL! Now every school has their great teachers and their not so great teachers, but at cloverleaf most of the teachers are willing to put extra time into their students to ensure the learning process is being met. I am in honors and AP courses and I believe these classes are at just the right pace and hardness scale to prepare my piers and me for college. very happy to be apart of the community of Cloverleaf. The marching band program is amazing and the music is fantastic there.
I liked that my graduating class was a small class. There were only around 300 of us, so you always knew everybody which was nice. The school lacked cleanliness though, and there is also no air conditioning.
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