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Cloverdale Community Schools Reviews

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Cloverdale High School has been a wonderful place for me to land following some trying times with my family. I have been to almost all of the schools in the area and am glad to have been allowed to finish my high school career there. Everyone has been willing to work with me as I transitioned into the school during my Sophomore year. The staff are supportive and have helped me to catch up and make up for loss of instruction during my younger years. It is not a diverse student body and sometimes the lack of understanding does cause and issue for some students. Unfortunately the changes made in the school meals program has caused the food to not be very good and the portions are small. The but I have enjoyed my years and look forward to graduating.
I like the fact that you know everyone their even most of the teachers outside of school. I would change the amount of focus on certain sports and classes.
I love this school so much! All the teachers show how much they care about he kids and how much they want you to succeed! There has been no bullying but agian we are humans and we all make mistakes! The kids are so friendly as well
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The schools are pretty good but there are some teachers that are pushing political views on students.
I went to Cloverdale for my entire twelve years of school. The teachers and staff are always welcoming, friendly, and always acomodating.
Cloverdale is a small but educated school. Being a black female in highschool is really hard but Cloverdale made it delightful. The teachers at Cloverdale are like family because you get the one on one education that I think any student would love to have .
I went to a much larger high school my Freshman year and moved to Cloverdale my Sophomore year. The smaller size of the school was much better for me and I felt the teachers were much more connected to me as a result.
Cloverdale has great honors classes for its size. The counseling can improve, which is my biggest complaint. The class sizes and teachers are its greatest strength.
I like the teachers at Cloverdale Community Schools but I would like to see better food and more of an effort for preparing the students for college.
Cloverdale Community Schools do such a great job at getting students involved in learning and school activities. Cloverdale's motto is "Success for Everyone", they want to see everyone succeed. Every teacher has a close relationship with their students to understand their nights at home, as well as help them with homework. The teachers at Cloverdale love to help their students and come to extra curricular activities to support their students. One thing I would like to see change in Cloverdale is the equality in enforcing the rules. Cloverdale has strict dress codes with holes in the jeans. Although the principles crack down on students, not all teachers do. Therefore, when one student gets in trouble for holes in their jeans and another student walks by with holes in their jeans too, they get to keep on walking and not get into trouble. Equality in enforcing the rules is the major thing that I would love to see change.
I loved going to Cloverdale schools! The teachers there are so amazing! The community is so small and warm; it's like a big family!
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