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Overall it was a pretty okay experience. Most of the teachers I have had were easy to have discussions with, were friendly, and resourceful. If I could change anything I would definitely change the amount of programs we have here; I would add more classes and AP opportunities.
When I was in school here at Clio things were a little different than they are now. They have allowed Wal-Mart to build not even a mile from my old Elementary School. I feel that the safety of children are compromised just because of that fact. The city itself is nice once you are downtown. The areas far outside of the city are relaxing and full of wildlife.
I really like the teachers and the student rewards. I don't have anything else to say about the school district.
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The band programs and robotics club are very well rounded and achieved groups. I would like to see my school become a kinder place and a place where students actually care about learning.
It is an ok school. Teachers sometimes care, same goes for the students. It really depends who you hang out with. Some teachers and students care a lot and some don't care at all. With the new principal and staff they are changing the school.
At Clio Area High School we are high achieving and have a lot of student, parent, and community involvement. We are always preparing college readiness and work really hard on practicing for state testing such as the SAT.
I like the teachers, they are cool. More clubs and activities would be a nice change. Overall, it's a decent school.
Clio Area Schools has fostered a very tight knit community for their students at school but it has negative effect sometimes because it encourages favoritism in our school system which to me creates a unfair advantage to other students.
The elementary schools in Clio are wonderful. The teachers are actively involved with the students and will work individually with the lower and higher achieving students. The same could be said about the middle school level. The high school is where this school district goes down hill. The teachers barely teach and use computers or movies to do their teaching. The are a few good teachers but it's a shame with all these young teachers performing way below the "old school" teachers that have now retired.
over all, my experience at Clio Area Schools was good. They offer many early college programs. I would recommend this school.
Clio has a lot to offer, but does not deliver by way of honoring those who deserve to be honored. Taking dual enrollment courses can decrease your class rank, the school has gone back on promises they made to AP Literature students. As much as they offer, the school can't really back it up.
High school for me has brought me many awesome moments and memories that I will cherish forever but there are certain things that I would like to see change and that I am ready to leave behind. One thing I would like to see changed is the overall model of the school, they have already started updates in the cafeteria, gym, and office but the classrooms I feel are absolutely ready for an update. Also I feel as if the ciriculum should be taught at a slower pace, teachers want to get through everything so fast that us students don't have time to practice and fully understand the material. Other than those few things high school has brought me great sports, great events, such as dances and football games, and also a good education.
Clio high school is in need of many updates, but still offers a good educational experience. They still offer classe that help the students learn hands on skills such as metal and wood shop. The school has an amazing staff willing to help and listen to students.
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