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The new high school is amazing! It is a beautiful facility with new technology, however, the wifi is terrible, which makes using the technology difficult. There are several very dedicated teachers who motivate the kids to learn, however, there are also other teachers especially in the lower grades who need to retire.
Harrasment is prominent. A fair bit of resources for kids who need extra help but none for kids who are ahead under high school. Dress code is horrendous. No lockers for middle school students.
I have had a great experience during the past 13 years from the teachers to the programs, I could not have asked for more!
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I have three children in the Clinton school system. My children have always been academically challenged, as well as supported and inspired by the majority of their teachers. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities at each school. Each school facility has met or exceeded their needs, with Morgan being the most impressive. The Clinton PTA and PTO groups for each school are outstanding, offering many different types of programs for students and parents. Any concerns I have had in any of the schools, have been appropriately addressed. Our district’s superintendent and assistant superintendent are outstanding administrators and leaders; they are approachable and always willing to listen. They, and the school principals, have always been responsive and very professional.
As a kid in this district, I got little help with socializing and struggled to find friends until high school, when I joined a lot of clubs. In high school, I made more friends. My classes became harder and then I took AP classes, which were challenging. Yet I got a 5 on one of my tests, so I'll use that to help pay for college.
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