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I'd like to see the bullying stop at the school, they dont really do anything about bullying it seems like. The students are sometimes nice but not always, the teachers try to involve students sometimes, doesn't really work.
I moved to Clinton School my 9th grade year and that is where I graduated. I felt I was taught well and I had a variety of classes and clubs to choose from. Most teachers were helpful, friendly, and made a great impact on my life.
This school offers a great education with qualified staff. Teachers really seem to care about their students here. Sports and other school functions are highly encouraged and supported.
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I grew up in Clinton and attended Clinton Schools K-12th. My experience at Clinton school was overall amazing for such a small town and small school district. Growing up in a small school allows you to be involved in more than one sport, clubs, and just gives you a feeling of comfort. The people there are not just your teachers, or classmates, they are your family.
My experience with school is that of an average student. It's had its ups and downs as well as its perks. I wish we could have an open campus lunch though, that would be great for the student
Clinton High School felt like home from late night football cheering on “our boys” to early mornings on the FFA bus to teacher always backing us up life was good in a small town with a big heart for their students.
Some of the teachers are really nice and love their jobs, but then there are some teachers who are just mean to the students and do not help them learn.
My experience at Clinton School District has been one of memory. I have had few hardships due to the work of teachers, but nonetheless there were times of frustration. Clinton has changed over the years because of the constant rotation in faculty. It is a safe school, but there are plenty of cliques just as any other school. I rate this school four stars because this is a homey and conditioned school. The only problems I have are with other peers on the occasion.
I loved my school at every level. When I got older I bonded intensely with the faculty and staff in Junior high and especially high school.
I like that all of the teachers are always pushing you to do better, supporting you, and never judge.
I love the friendly teachers and students at Clinton Public Schools. The only thing that I would change though is amount of pep rallies we have. The classes are spectacular especially the art classes and the art teacher Carol Corning.
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