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Clinton County Public Schools has been my hometown school district from start to finish. Throughout my entire education journey Clinton County Schools provides the means and programs to further student education and success
I have attended Clinton County schools my whole life. Along the course of my academic career here I have encountered many teachers who care tremendously about every student they have. One of my favorite things about Clinton County Schools is that everyone knows everyone by name. We are a small school with an average of 112 students per grade, this means that each student knows almost everyone’s name, and if not they atleast see them multiple times a day throughout the hallways. Also due to the size of each grade, every teacher knows every students name because they have had them in class atleast for one year. On the downfall of there not being many students in school, we do not have much diversity. This is one of the things I would like to see change. If we had more diversity we could learn more about other cultures.
I enjoy most everything about going to Clinton County. I've went here all of my life. The only thing that is horrible, is the food. The food is gross. But the classrooms and bathrooms, etc are usually always clean. I feel safe at this school over all. I've also not been in a situation where I needed to be very safe.
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The school is pretty good and never had a problem with school, they do their best to teach you, and to keep kids involved.
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