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Clinton Community Schools Reviews

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Clinton Community Schools is located in a very small and conservative town. The school is centered around athletics with an emphasis on varsity football and wrestling. There is next to no diversity and class sizes are very small.
What I love about Clinton Community Schools is showing how much the people are willing help each other and the way everyone has each other backs. The teachers are amazing and will help you whenever you need it.
Great Staff!! Wonderful with helping and making sure you know what you need. Tons of great advanced and general courses available.
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Nothing it's a great school district probably one of the best in the state. Could improve some rules but other than that wouldn't change a thing
Clinton Schools is amazing because in Clinton students have the opportunity to have one to one communications with the teachers. We are such a small school district that students have created close relationships with others. The school offers so many options for students to test out hobbies for future career paths.
This is the small school in the small town I grew up in. It was a truly amazing experience to learn from the great teachers and fellow students that attended the school. I would recommend this school to anybody as well as bring my kids back here when I settle down.
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