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I liked the Arts teachers that were a part of the staff in all of the schools. I would like to see better organization of the administrative staff because while I was in school, I had six different principals and counselors while staying in this same district from pre-school through twelfth grade in high school.
Awful school district. Teachers bully students as much as students bully students. And students drug each other and get away with it. Some male teachers are inappropriate and get away with it. Awful school district. Don't recommend anyone put their kid in this school district unless you want your kid to go through major depression.
Clinton Community High School puts a lot of work into its curriculum and student environment. The staff and student body both work together very well, each helping to complement the learning atmosphere. I, personally, have found that teachers work very hard to make sure that your education is nothing less than the best.
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My experience at Clinton community school has been nothing but average. Not terrible but not extraordinary. It's a small school where you know just about everyone. It can be nice to go to a smaller school but it lacks diversity and school spirit. I wish for there to be a change in academics. More dual credit classes would be nice.
I wish the school had more support for music and theatre programs. We really need an auditorium. Though we're making the most out of what we have and have many very talented students.
Great school! The small town vibe is great. Everyone knows everyone. Some teachers need some work, one in particular is Rob Lucas. Nice guy, just favors girls over boys.
It is a great learning environment and workplace. The teachers are willing to stay after or come in before school to help you with your work.
I like Clinton Community School District a lot. It's perfect, in a small town, with plenty of students for the town. One of the best perks of the Clinton Community School District is the availability of teachers that the students can reach out to. Teachers are available for everyone and even anyone who aren't in their classes. I wish that there were more classes offered but the district offers to pay for students' college classes which gets students even more ready for college than the high school will.
Although I have had enjoyed my time here and have taken advantage of all the resources available, the administration in recent years has been extremely poor. They have hired teachers who have no ability to teach in a high school classroom setting, and have consistently put students education at risk with the poor decisions that they have made. The district has hired a new superintendent, however, and so hopefully things will get better from here.
Clinton High School has been a relatively good high school to go to. The teachers are all interested in seeing kids learn and excel. Like every high school, there are social groups, but I believe that they are not as defined as some bigger schools would be. Because Clinton is so small, everyone knows each other and it creates a closer community. In the past years, however, the students have become more unruly than ever before. Usually, it's nothing the school cannot handle. There are instances, though, that make me wonder about the intelligence of the lower grades. I just have to remind myself that they are still young and learning to be in the real world, so the outbursts will pass with time. Overall, Clinton is a very involved and caring school.
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