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I really liked that they have health care classes available because at the time that is what I was interested in. I also thought it was cool that they had vocational programs like welding and mechanic classes available. The cooking classes were also very impressive. I wish we had a career center or that counselors worked better with students to get them out job shadowing and exploring their career options. I also wish they had made it more apparent that we had the opportunity to dual enroll at CCC so we could get our college career completed faster and at a lower cost.
it feels like a fussily in some aspects. Primarily if you're involved in extra curricular you'll have a good experience. if not you most likely will have a mediocre experience
I love the staff in the school district, they are amazing. Unfortunately, especially at the high school level, the facilities are quite poor and the sports teams are horrible. We have minimal clubs to join and most of the leaders of the clubs aren’t in the clubs to make them enjoyable, they are in them for the money. Besides the crappy sports and clubs, the food also sucks and there aren’t many healthy choices.
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Clinton Community School District has a lot to offer students. The facilities are top notch and provide a variety of options for students to explore interests. The communication with parents is lacking, however I think the administration expects a lot out of their students and challenges them to take responsibility of their own destiny. Clinton has a diverse population allowing different cultures to be acknowledged and respected in a learning environment. I feel that my son was offered a range of options to explore academics that he was interested in as well as receiving the "basics" to make for a well rounded educational experience. I believe he was taught the proper tools to succeed in a college setting.
Clinton Community School District is your average school district. The push for school spirit and school activity involvement is excellent and it really helps everyone with all type of personalities take an interest in new things. Even though the push for student involvement is good there is some downfalls with it, not every schools is perfect. The school gets involved in helping student who are struggling pass which doesn't seem like a bad thing, but they go to the point of handing the students the answers just to get them to pass which doesn't teach them how to problem solve or teach them the material.
Friendly school district ,
All the teachers at every school are super nice and very helpful with kids that need the extra help. The teachers help us in the best way that they can.
The administrators seem to not value students well being but they are very strict on attendance. I am a student who has only missed school a handful of times, however I can see the main focus point for the students is not their actual well being, education, or even having proper facilities. Attending school is very important and something that should be valued, however I believe the district should focus ways to better students actual learning and improve our knowledge in subjects to help better prepare for college.
I went to Lincoln High school for most my classes but thank you to Ms. Teggler, Ms. Topert Ms. Niedermeyer, Mr. Niedermeyer Ms. Cleary and Ms. Carr. They all are great teachers at Clinton High school. They all made sure I graduated on time. The Variety show was awesome too.
I like that most of teachers cared out your learning. They need to updated some things like technology based learning, put central air in part of the High School that doesn't have it. They need to also make sure that the teachers are following rules for students with disability's that have a IEP or 504 Plan.
I have really enjoyed my teachers and the classes offered by Clinton Community School District. Majority of my teachers were helpful and strived for students to succeed. I have been well prepared for upcoming college courses and cannot wait to start the next semester of school!
The Clinton Community School District is very involved is make inferences sure students are successful. The staff enjoy there jobs and are willing to help students in anyway. There is excellent classes to choose to take that prepare you for college. The School District is short on teachers so classes are large but the teachers work with it and make sure every student gets the help they need.
Very helpful with explaining your timeline throughout your whole education until you receive your degree.
I enjoyed my time at CHS, I liked the options for classes and the atmosphere that was encouraged by staff. I believe the school itself needs updates and some of the teachers aren’t the best but overall it was a good experience.
I like the numerous ways that students can get involved, but I would really like to see us improve in the sports areas.
There is a lot of motivation in the district. The teachers genuinely want you to succeed in life and go somewhere. you have those students that don't really care and the teachers here push you to do good. They push you to become a better person and to get your stuff done. Its almost like a family. when something happens everyone comes together for that event. The teachers really put in a lot of effort to help you be the best you can be. They want you to strive and have goals in life. The staff is so amazing!
I enjoyed my time attending the Clinton Community School district. I attended from kindergarten through my senior year.
great atmosphere but could use some advancements in the academic side. the grading scale of the school district is very low and allows any student to graduate.
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Clinton Community schools are typically pretty nice. They have built a lot of new schools in the last 10 years. They hire very friendly staff that is willing to help each student when needed. I definitely like the smaller class sizes, that way teachers have more time to help each student. If I could change something about the the school district I would change the closed campus at the high school. I think that giving them open campus helps to teach the responsibility and self discipline.
I grew up going to public school for all but third and fourth grade. The Clinton community school district was my childhood basically, so I'm very familiar with all of the teachers and a lot of the staff. Elementary school was a blast, carefully sculpted to be an open and fun environment for everyone, as was middle school in the district. High school was the place that was where you could legitimately find yourself, explore the different parts of yourself that you haven't uncovered yet and the Clinton Community School District made that a great, and easy experience. All in all, I would rate the district very highly and I very much appreciate everyone for their dedication and their commitment to each and every student in their schools.
its not a bad district its just that it could use some minor changes at the high school they wasted a bunch of money on these tvs for no reason no one looks at them rarely and they could of used that money to put ac in the s wing because there is none at all
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