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Clinton Central School District Reviews

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At Clinton Central School, I had positive interactions with teachers and peers, which made the environment enjoyable. There is a high success rate within our school regarding our education, as our teachers put the students first.
I love the size of the school and the environment. With small class sizes it makes it easy to get into more personal relationships with the teachers, allowing them to help you and understand you. I feel very accepted and open to express my opinion in school. Clinton makes me very comfortable.
Overall, Clinton High School is a very good place to be. Everyone here is very welcoming and is a safe place to be. This school provided me with a great education and the teachers are very passionate about their job. Not all the facilities are top notch, such as the gym that could use renovations, along with the sports fields that are not in the best conditions. I feel that if the school put some more work and effort into other areas on campus such as fields and classroom technology, then the school would be an even better place to be. I would definitely recommend someone with a kid to send them here. They would receive the education they need and the guidance for a bright future.
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Clinton Central School district is a great small school. I went to school here for all 13 years and can't come up with any noteworthy complaints. I was involved in sports, yearbook committee, art, and had great connections with all of my teachers.
Clinton Central School District is an amazing place of learning. The acedemics are incredible and all of the teachers really care about the students. We have great sports programs and clubs for the arts and academics. I love the feel of the school and the students and staff are very friendly.
The teachers are very good; they care about their students and their students success. CCS could improve on keeping the music and arts programs up to date as well as interacting students more in specifically the art program. Overall, Clinton is a very safe area for most students.
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