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More focus on academics. More options for smart people. Too much emphasis is put on sports and that doesnt pay off. Teachers seem unconcerned about teaching. Students who want to go to college need more preparation for it instead of going to pep rallies.
I like that CC is a small school & still offers a very good education. Everybody knows everybody & we care about eachother. I wish CC would of built an auditorium for school plays.
Clinton Central is a very small school. The corporation is lineant in what goes on around the school. I would like to see equal discipline improve because there are certain people in the school that always get in trouble even if another person has done the same thing.
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The School was falling apart until recent administration change. It is now steadily recovering from the bad administration it had. The school is a good safe school which is continuing to get better as time goes on.
I have been a student here at Clinton Central for 3 years and I'm getting ready to graduate. I always here people complain about our school but they never compliment it. I've seen our school grow so much in Atheltics and academics. I've seen our school jump to a B+ average grade. I've had fun here at Clinton Central, it has truly been a great time!
The sports are good. Lunch could be better. Clinton Central is a small school, so there is a lot of drama. The academics could be better also. It might be a lack of teachers or just a lack of education by the teachers.
I really enjoyed my high school experience at Clinton Central Jr Sr High School. I loved that it was a Agriculture based school and livestock oriented. One thing that i would have changed would be the faculty and how the worked amongst each other and students!
I believe that Clinton Central is a school that I feel very safe at, but some of the things that are in place may not be the best. Over the years that I have attended this high school, I feel as if there are some improvements being made. For example, they're adding classes that are more beneficial to life after high school, which I feel like is one of the most important things to do. One of the things I feel that Clinton Central lacks, is the ability to keep teachers. The teacher turn over rate makes it harder for students to advance their education and connect with their teachers.
I loved my school! I felt as if I was surrounded by welcoming people everyday, that were doing their best to prepare me for my life, while having a little fun in the process. Although I didn't agree with how strong out academics were all the time, I definitely wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else!
I have gone to Clinton Central school my whole learning career. It's academics seem to flourish and their is a wide variety of classes one can take. The one thing lacking in the school is the teachers. The teachers focus less on the things that need to be taught, and more on the things they get told need to be taught. Some teacher tactics work and others just don't work with students learning abilities. Everything else in the school corporation seems to be running good. I agree that all schools have their flaws, but the most important thing in the school are the teachers. I feel as if the ways of the teachers and staff are changed, it would mean a better learning environment.
Great school in such a small town. Lots of wealthy parents, because there is a lot of farming. Clinton Central is a very small school. In my graduating class, there was only 69 of us including myself. Even though it is a small school, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in sports or clubs. The smaller classes I believe were the easiest because then you could ask the teacher more questions and not feel so embarrassed. Clinton Central is in the middle of nowhere really, it is in a town called Michigantown that has maybe 600 people if that living there. Cute little town with a great school in the mixture of it.
Something that i would personally love to see at Clinton Central is student inclusion. No one should ever be left out and yet many are. There are also numerous cliques.
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