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I liked that it was very friendly and no matter what school I went to in the district everyone was friendly. What I would like to see change in is the treatment of students from Clint Early College Academy. We get the worst of the worst (campus wise, equipment wise) and I think we deserve better.
I was enrolled in the Clint ISD Early College Academy for 4 years (high school) and at first, I was angry. I wanted to go to a "normal" high school and play sports and get into trouble. After receiving my associate of arts degree at the age of 18 with a GPA of 3.6, after hearing how accomplished I was to adults it was all worth it. I had the best teachers, they actually cared about my success as well as my mental well being. The principal Mr. Martinez was strict in a parent, loving kind of way. I would say Clint ISD superintendant Dr. Martinez is doing an amazing job wit hiring and being attentive to all his schools.
I really like that the district really focuses on providing the students with the best experience while providing a great quality education for students of all ages. The district makes constant changes to maintain improvement.
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Over the years this district has taken care of me and has been changing constantly to the demand not only of teachers and parents but the students as well. Something I know the board is looking into as it is improving every year is a better understanding of all extracurricular activities instead of prioritizing some activities over others. Every activity deserves to have its potential recognized.
I like the attitude here at Clint ISD because everyone greets you politely and you feel welcomed. This attitude is a factor that encourages me to come to school every day. The teachers are always there to help you with any questions or concerns. However, I would like to see the administrators more involved within the school. I think that they also should have more programs to help children that are getting bullied.
What i like about Clint Independent School District is that is small and we all know each other. What i would change is the food.
The school district is amazing, the superintendent is super friendly and always responds to students, parents and faculty and is very helpful!
I like how they are all a community and stick together through a lot, it is comfortable and we are all united through the faculty, staff and students.
This is a very small and connected community. Because everyone knows each other, it is easy to get your concerns heard, but it is also easy for administration to take control of events. The close-knit community offers support and care for all activities. The overall attitude of the students is satisfactory for learning though inspiration is needed to pump up school spirit and motivation for both academics and athletics.
Overall, the experience at this district was amazing. At Clint Early a College Academy I had the opportunity to meet new people, reach new goals and I became a more outgoing and optimistic person due to this school. It’s helped me grow and it has prepared me for college. Although the ride at this school was somewhat difficult I’d do it all over again. Thanks to Clint Early College Academy I have my associates at the age of 18.
It was pretty many staff and members like to get involved with the parnets and students to make sure that they are doing well. What I think that should be changed is the supernetdient to go to every school not one school.
Everyone at Clint literally grew up together. But transferring from a big school where the only people you know are your friends there were some major changes I had to go through . The rules were the hardest to adjust to . I ended up having to buy new pants because ripped jeans weren’t allowed . I had to get rid of my pink hair cause it wasn’t a natural color. When I walked into school the first day a front desk clerk literally chased me down the school hall and told me to remove my nose piercing . I quickly replaced it but I ended up getting an infection 2 days after . It was so disgusting . I had to miss school the next day and go to the doctors in Mexico because I have no insurance. I returned to school the next day and turned in my doctors note to the attendance clerk and she says she won’t accept it since it’s from Mexico . So I had an unexcused day in school which they made me make up in summer school. All of this happened to me within the first week of school.
Clint Independent School District, is overall pretty decent. However, I think it can improve in the sense of how many extra curricular activities are provided for the students, and how much funding the district as a whole receives. Some of the dress codes policies can also be changed, because the rules that are enforced are not necessary for a student to be efficiently educated.
As a current high school student, and attending the Clint ISD for approximately 12 years, I can conclude that this district and its employees are great. This whole district and their employees are enthusiastic and caring towards the students.
I love that Clint Independent School District has an Early College Program, it accelerates my college future by enrolling me into the local community college to earn my Associate's Degree while still in high school. However, one thing that Clint ISD can improve on is hiring better teachers who are actually dedicated to their students and curriculum.
I attended Clint Early College Academy. It was a difficult school, but got me ahead of my former peers. All in all, it was the best choice I could have made.
Clint Independent School District has been very resourceful to those who are giving it’s all. The teachers are very open to there students and rich resources for not only school but for there students personal growth.
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Clint Independent School District encourages its students to be creative. They allow their students to learn good habits at school which enables them to practice for the real world.
This is a GREAT district!!! It is very dedicated, and they always work as a team to do what is best for the students!
This school district is a great district because they insure that every student gets the education they need in order to be successful in life. They provide laptops and hotspots for students who do not have internet access at home. They also have volunteer opportunities that a student may partake in to gain leadership experience along with working along side others. The district also has different ways to provide a future to the students through certifications in many areas of work, thus proving a future for the students.
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