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Cliffside Park School District Reviews

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I have lived in this town for over ten years. Went to school here until middle school. I love this town because everyone treats you like family judging from my experience. Everything in nearby, so living in this town is very convenient.
My town did not have a highschool therefore I had to attend Cliffside Park highschool. I have had great teachers that I witnessed get fired for absolutely no reason. Students fighting in the halls because of their culture. I have learned a lot attending here, that life is tough.
Cliffside Park High School is not the best, and certainly shows it. Fortunately, it was able to cut down on chronic lates but the resources needed for the school to truly shine lacks greatly.
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It is a great school district but has limited if not no resources for its students. Some students have to do things on their own while others barely receive any help. Some clubs are left completely on their own with no help whatsoever.
All of the departments are really helpful and encouraging. Adding AC and improving the math department would really improve the school.
Now that I am in my last year of high school, I feel like I ammature enough to critique it. The administration protects the students all though it isn’t perfect as seen with the case of Ms. Amico recently. Moreover, the teachers do there best to teach which is appreciated even though some are clearly not able or determined to teach. The food, technology advancement and safety has gotten better while the sports have suffered
My experience within the Cliffside Park School District has not always been the best. I have gone to school in this town since I was in Pre-K and while there are many teachers who certainly care about how we succeed and what we learn, we are often not pushed to our limits. I am not sure if it is because of resources or desire but I do wish that I was pushed to test into honors classes or AP classes in order to have as many opportunities as I could. While that is not specifically a fault of the District itself, I hope that as time goes on teachers will push their students to do more than the bare minimum to move on to each grade.
The elementary schools in Cliffside Park are wonderful. The teachers and administrators do a great job with our children. The high school has a bad reputation but I do not know yet if its unfounded.
Going to Cliffside park High school was horrible ! My teachers were horrible, a lot of the stuff I learned in that school was nothing but garbage ! My guidance counselor didn't help me with anything, I remember her tellling me that all the school I applied to were so competitive to get in and that I probably wouldn't make it in them. Well she was wrong. I am attending penn state university now with a major in chem, but anyways when I took the placement test, I didn't have the knowledge for the material on the test because Cliffside park high school never taught me anything ! If I could do it all over again I would have gone to another high school.
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