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During my 4 years it’s was a good learning experience had some excellent teachers, I enjoy going to some of the college
Great school , Excellent education. I love the teachers they really care about you. The school allowed me to receive my associate's degree at a nearby community college.
I liked that anything I wanted to talk About I can talk a bout with the teachers.The reason why is because we can connect ,Because the administrators and teachers Come from the same environment I am in.
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As an alum of the Cleveland municipal school district I had an ok experience with the education I received. The funding was limited so we didn’t have many extracurricular activities to choose from, the textbooks were always old and the teachers were not that engaging. Most students have to be extremely independent and take charge of their own learning experience in this district.
what i want to see in the college prepatory is the children being greeted by adults in the morning arriving to school, I want to see more black women, black men, as teacher and working in the office in schools,i want to see the children being served hot breakfast, i want to see more interactions with the children if the child struggling in a subject catch it early bring the details to the parent
i want to see 7 graders looking foward to basic summer jobs and i want to see more reading programs and i want the teacher to allow the parents to ingage with students education and teachers stop being prejudiced
I loved my experience at Gilmour Academy. It is a high-level school, with a good sports program. The environment is inclusive and I was feeling safe at school.
The Cleveland School district is improving every day. From when I started school in Cleveland, it was very crazy. Teachers never had enough this to teach students that never wanted to learn. But today it is very easy for them to control all the students.
I graduated in 1999 and I attended two different high schools with two different experiences. I felt like I was at the beginning of the declining phases of Cleveland Public Schools. In neither school I had no new or updated books and it was hard to learn in a class full of problem students at John Hay. However, at Glenville, although we didn't have newer books the students did their best to learn and to succeed. I received a lot of help from administration who wanted to see me do my best at Glenville whereas in John Hay I only had one teacher who helped me being that I was also a teenage mom. Once I left her class I was on my own. I graduated from Glenville as a very active student. I was a Home Room Rep, Student Office Helper, Cheerleader, Year Book Staff and part of the choir all while having a child. My experiences however, made me strive to be my very best at all times no matter what my circumstances were.
I really did enjoy the opportunities given in this school district but the schools are extremely segregated and have almost no diversity within the buildings on the east side of the city. Many faculty members were very helpful and understanding of the issues urban city students dealt with, but many just didn’t meet the requirements to be teaching in an urban area. The district is fairly large so therefore it covers a huge area of Cleveland CMSD can do way better when it comes to the safety and college readiness of it students if this is corrected I believe this district can overcome its flaws.
I loved how all the schools were connected and some of the events were planned together. I wish that they would take the time to really fix the problems that we had like the buildings, books, food, etc.
Their teaching was very Thorough I ended my years with earning a STNA certification to further help me with life. One thing that I would change is the testing.
the school district really wanted to see their kids prosper. they gave a lot of tools such as mentoring groups to help out students. one of the key things the school district do is they have high schools that are magnet schools where you can pick up trade if you do not want to go to college
I like how they prepare you for your future career goals. The teachers are very helpful in helping the students in learning new things.
Basically how much every student is treated like family the district really cares about it's students.
They really teach you things. The teachers really care about you at mc^2 stem high school. We do a lot of hand on things
The Cleveland Municipal School District is a school district located in Cleveland Ohio and for the past few years our CEO Eric Gordon has worked diligently to improve our districts national ranking. CMSD currently ranks among the top districts nationwide for improvement. Teachers in CMSD work to the best of their ability to make sure that students not only understand the curriculum but are college ready and bound for success.
I don't think there's any other district that could prepare me for college as much as the CMSD does. The amount of help I've gotten from the administrators is just what I needed and beyond.
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I loved it was diverse full of positive things although the sports suck but our education is what matters I wish the teachers and staff would meet us halfway.
My Daughter attends Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School and this is her senior year and the 4 year experience has been wonderful. The students are well mannered and respectable, the teaching staff is outstanding you do feel a sense of family there.
I am now a senior in CMSD. I wish they would have prepared us earlier in our college application process.
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