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I have been in Cleveland since kindergarten, like most schools they have their problems. high school has been very interesting but still fun i believe that the school district is improving.
Better teachers in the high school and more supportive staff when it comes to more personal problems. Punishments for some students don't fit for what they do to get some sort of punishment. Administration is more concerned about keeping the best image of the school that they will do anything to keep that image, including serving unjustified punishments.
its not the worst school in the world but can use some improvements, such as offering more clubs and better treatment towards students.
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Crowded hallways, crowded lunch room. Very mean administrators. Poor student involvement. Not sanitary. Not alot of money. Entiltled teachers and kids. Very good band. Coaches break us down and don't help build back up. Nasty bathrooms. Not enough time to get to and from class before you must get a tardy. Very helpful college prep and very energetic principal.
I enjoyed my time but I am glad that I am done with school. The High School is becoming overcrowded but the students do learn.
Cleveland is a small community that is currently growing. I like how my district gets involved with my community to help meet the needs of the students in our district. What I would like to see is more schools built because the schools are now over crowded with the growth of students in our town.
Kinda okay, kinda sucky. Depends on what you do and how you do it. I got punished extensively for something that I was the victim of. Administration would rather punish than help the students to make sure the school looks better.
I am currently a Senior at Cleveland High School. My experience overall has been good however I had some trouble with the administration throughout the years. I have been in advanced classes so my teachers have been great in preparing me for college. I will graduate with 54 college hours so I feel very prepared.
There are few teachers who care. The rest are just trying to keep the disruptive students at bay. The students are not given all core classes. The teachers have told me that were told only to focus on the star testing material. This is a major injustice to the children.
I love the teachers and love how they work w their students to get to that goal. The have certain grades separated at different schools. They work one on one w kids w special needs.
While attending this school district, I have seen many teachers, both good and bad, leave to pursue bigger opportunities. As of now, the district is growing at a much higher rate than what could have been predicted. We are installing portable classrooms across all campuses to combat the overflow of students. Some teachers do not have a permanently assigned classroom. Our technology is sub-par along with our quality of food served in the cafeteria. We have one internet router serving the entire high school, and everyone trying to access it at the same time causes it to fail.
Cleveland High School has provided me with lots of opportunities and recommendations. They have an amazing staff crew . We as students are always guaranteed the best learning and college readiness experience. Overall I am beyond grateful to have attended school. CHS is a place where dreams can actually come true!
Cleveland has been an interesting experience but thanks to a few of the staff members its been a good one. The Audio/Visual program is absolutely amazing and easily number 1 in the state.
Cleveland High School is a special school because the school has exceptional coaches who want the school to be successful in all sports. Since the first day the coaches have encouraged me to become a better athlete by pushing me to the limit and making me work hard. The school also has a handful of teachers who are there to help me understand the material and give me a quality education unlike some who do not really do their job well enough. If something should change I would be happy to see new teachers who are well devoted to their job in making sure of giving everyone a good education.
Cleveland definately has a bad wrap, but everyone in our school is generally okay with eachother. The food sucks (but thats because of the laws in place) and we've had bad teachers, but we also have amazing teachers who love to help.
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