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Cleveland Hill Union Free School District Reviews

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The college credits programs through multiple local Colleges is absolutely amazing allowing me to rack up 34 college credits so I can graduate over a year early. You won’t find many schools that offer credits like this becasue AP classes at other schools are a waste of time!!!
I like teachers at the Cleveland Hill School District and the students were pretty nice. However, the some teachers can be very mean to students and there are some fights at this school but, no one gets hurt brutally. Lunch is provided daily but, students get only a half hour of lunch. Students with disabilities do get accomendations. There are also clubs and sports that students can join.
The Cleveland Hill school district is an amazing place to get your education as a kid in elementary, middle, and high school. Every single teacher works for the students and does everything and anything they can in order for their students to succeed. The only thing I would like to see change is the funding that the school receives.
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If I could describe Cleveland Hill High School in one word, it would be family. The past 12 years of my life have been spent walking the halls of one single building. In that building, I have met friends that have seen me at my best and especially at my worst. In that building I have made some of my best decisions and my worst mistakes. However, it was in this building that I grew. I grew to be a young woman that my parents are proud of and I am proud of. Cleveland Hill taught me how to be my true self and use my talents for the benefit of others, not just my own success. Cleveland Hill has the heart that not every other school claims to have. The Golden Eagles are strong and loyal students who fight for what is right and fight to protect their family.
It's a very modern looking school, turf fields, new electronics, renovations. However, very small community, opportunities may be limited.
I have been at Cleveland Hill since Kindergarten and I can say my experience has been amazing. Our school is fairly small but that allows us to have the lastest technology to help further expand our education and this is what I am truly grateful for.
Cleveland Hill H.S is a great school. This school has little bullying problems, and is great for children to make friends. I believe the academics portion of the school is decent. The teachers here honestly care about every student. Our school also has easy access to computers and online resources, preparing each student for the world after school. This school is very diverse considering its small size. The school also makes sure every student is treated equally, whether the student is part of LGBT, no matter race, or gender. I personally love my school and I will be sad to leave it.
Cleveland hill is a very good school with good teachers, helpful student and lots of involvements that students like to attend. Students show excellent reputation for the school. It is a very small school, but it is a very good school.
I had a very good experience at Cleveland Hill. I started in Kindergarten and graduated from this school. Since it is a smaller school, it has a great community. Everybody knows eachother. The sense of pride at this school is so present. The teachers are so caring and always willing to take the time to help the students.
My teachers were incredibly invested in my education, and some were always after school for students who needed help. The staff is really what makes this school stand out, along woth the strong feeling of family the school has.
Cleveland Hill is a school that provides guidance, friendship, success, and tips on how to become a better person. The teachers are very trustworthy and helpful when students need advice or help with problems at home. The teachers can use a little help with the enthusiasm as they teach but besides that they know how to teach the curriculum. The students are good for the most part, the teachers are doing a great job of shaping the students on how to be a well rounded person when the graduate!
Cleveland Hill High School is like a family. Everyone knows everyone and everyone is always there for one another. It could be a bad thing but the teachers and the student consulers and social workers are always there for backup. The spirit and the sportmanship in the distract and the family like activites are a well plus for the school.
Clevehill is overall a great school. The school provides a variety of opportunities for students to get a head start in college and in life in general. The numerous amount of colleges courses available allows students to enteeing college as a sophomore. Most of the teachers are encourging and caring. The school is unified with immense school sprit. The thing I would change about the school is the lack of senior privileges and the inadequate recognition of academic success.
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