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Clermont Northeastern Local School District Reviews

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Clermont Northeastern is a small school district in which everyone knows everyone. You grow and learn with you classmates and make friends for life. Teachers are kind and inspiring, always pushing us to succeed. However, Cne is in desperate need for an update and a remodel.
I liked all of the opportunities I had for club and sports activities. All of the clubs and teams work together to make sure kids can participate. I would like to see more modern facilities.
The school is in a rural environment with mostly country folks. The school has room for improvement, but is making progress.
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I love the teachers and all the courses. My favorite class was forensic but I wish for the quality of the food to get better.
The teachers at Clermont Northeastern are excellent. They are personable and always willing to give one on one help at anytime. There is a small town atmosphere and it's really hard to not know and love everyone.
This was a wonderful school. The reason I loved it the most was because it was smaller; so everyone knew everyone. It was like a giant family. In terms of changing, the school itself could use some renovations.
Clermont Northeastern school district is an incredible school. Teachers are very kind and caring, academic excellence is high. The people are close and everyone knows everyone. All the students and staff get along and are well behaved. Rules are rules and as long as everyone follows them, staff is lenient on students. Athletics are a huge part of the school and are well developed. Athletic kids encourage others to try new things, which developes more student athletes and raises the students grades as well as their confidence. Over all the school brings a very caring community and is supportive of their students, staff and the community as a whole.
Clermont Northeastern is an alright school. I do not feel that every student is treated fairly. Usually, if you're in sports, or if you've had straight A's your entire life, then you are treated better by some of the staff. It is not hard to get decent grades, though. There are some hard classes, but most of the teachers are really great at helping explain when you do not understand something. I like the different choices of classes. There are two foreign classes, two choir classes, and multiple band classes. C.N.E also has drama, which is very awesome. It is not a bad school to go to.
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