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Cleburne Independent School District Reviews

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The teachers and school are nice, but the politics involved often interfere with the daily lives of students.
Cleburne Independent School District is an excellent district for kids that want to grow and succeed for their future. At this very moment there is new high school that is being built. I believe that building this high school will create a new learning environment for the students of CISD. Cleburne high school has many extravagant traditions that students and teachers look forward to every year. Overall, Cleburne Independent School district is a memorable and lifechanging experience that anyone would want to be able to encounter.
Cleburne Independent School District is a thriving and excellent district. There is a new high school that is being built at the moment, which will allow for many more career prep opportunities and educational moments. It is growing rapidly and continues to increase in the number of students and teachers on campus. Cleburne ISD holds to its traditions, yet embraces new opportunities. It has a positive vibe and invites people of all ethnicities. The educational program is average, but Cleburne ISD is working to improve our horizons. With advancents in technology, we are able to increase our knowledge and understanding of things and gain a deeper understanding on how they exist and work. Overall, Cleburne Independent School District is one that you will never forget.
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i really like my teachers and how they genuinely care about my future. they create a very good environment at school and i know if i had any problems i could talk to them.
I appreciate goals to pass school bonds for improving aged school buildings. Several teachers are sincere and are dedicated to work hard for their students, even when students themselves don't see passed their assignments to realize that. Those teachers in the classrooms are real heros building a future by teaching principles of character and giving students knowledge to apply as power.
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The Golden Pride Band was amazing. It shaped my life and grew me into the person I am today. There are a few teachers in the district that are absolutely amazing. But they are restricted by the administration. There are pointless rules and regulations, that seem biased and to not care about the students.
Academically, Cleburne doesn't prepare many students for the best in regular placement classes, which for many is the only 'in-between' from Pre-Ap to Ap classes. Teachers are required to meet TEKS standards, however these standards are very poorly met only to see required minimum, however nothing beyond that. If you want a challenge, you have to step into a higher placement class, but for many that's too big of a step, that is why 'regular' classes need a much better curriculum taught to prepare students and to challenge them, however not too far- beyond their understandings. Overall, the school needs better administrators to teach classes, not coaches.
Cleburne ISD is a very good district in my opinion because of the unity of the whole city. People are always striving to be involved in extra curricular activities and do what they can to help out.
Cleburne is a very friendly district to grow up in and they are really one for helping students succeed and they will do anything to make sure that happens.
Cleburne ISD is on the upswing and only getting better. I expect to see much greater things from them in the future.
It's okay but way too crowded. The principal isn't very liked and the food is disgusting. The only good food is the sandwich bar.
I've spent my K-12 years going to CISD schools. My beginning years were not great, after I had been scolded for not being able to take an AR (academic reading) test the schools library aide sat me down and broke it down until the letters on the page finally clicked for me as it did my peers already. After learning to read everything started to come more quickly and with the help of amazing teachers at Marty Elementary, Wheat MS, and Cleburne HS, I am now looking forward to furthering my education at the Texas A&M University. Good or bad, Cleburne will always be home. I hope that since my elementary years at CISD schools, that the teachers have actually started to teach and not scold 6 year olds that cannot read.
It's a good school district. Its good we are getting a new school for the high school. Some changes I will like to see is that we get our "jacket time" back (on Tuesdays and Thursdays we go in for tutoring ,test corrections etc) and I think that actually helps the kids.
I've had an awesome experience at Cleburne High! All of my teachers have been great. There were a few that were difficult at times, but they only helped me grow as a person.
I loved the teachers at CISD. I played sports so I was very involved. I do think the facilities were pretty awful and the courses didn't exactly help prepare one for college. I was always a pretty great student but for those who struggled, I wouldn't say that Cleburne did much to really help them. The district is very diverse, which is great. I like that there are so many sports options but I do think more time and money should instead be put into the academics.
My experience at Cleburne High School wasn't all that bad for the most part. I saw a lot of teachers come and go. Especially the Principle. I had 3 different principles while I was there. Having so many gave us a lot of different rules to follow and it was never really that steady.
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Cleburne High is about an average school as you can get. The teachers are nice and you'll remember them, and the school has been one i am glad i'll be graduating from.
I like cleburne high school. Every school has some advantages and disadvantages. In cleburne high school some disadvantages are the technology experience. We have older technology and not newer stuff so sometimes learning can be kind of harder. Our school was built a long time ago and hasn't been updated and has leaks and tiles are cracking but our school bond has been passed but won't be in act till i graduate. The experience has been great but it could have been better!
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