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Clearwater R-I School District Reviews

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Clearwater used to be a great school. Recently it has gotten horrible. There are too many fights happening and it seems like no one is doing anything. Drugs are a big issue in this small town and students are involved. Academics at this school are not the best. Especially since the best teachers have recently left this past year. I’m glad to be out of there.
the principle is good. we have a very good art teacher she is nice but strict at the same time. bus saftey id good we have cameras and such. the baseabll and basketball teams are very compedtivte
I went to this school from Kindergarten to a Senior. It's crazy how much you get out of a small town school. All the teachers do make sure that you are loved and treated very well. I will definitely miss the place.
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All of the staff members were very friendly and helpful whenever you needed any kind of help. One drawback is that they were a little behind technologically in comparison to other schools, but that has changed in recent years. Additionally, some of the textbooks being used were greatly outdated and should've been updated at some point. Classes were not overly crowded and it had that nice "small school" feel to it where you would know your teachers and they know you and your needs.
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