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The clear creek independent school district needs to focus more on mental health and to advocate and educate the students on the subject much more than they do.
Clear Creek Independent School District has diverse groups of people each with unique talents to showcase.
Overall my experience in CCISD has been good experience. I moved to CCISD in second grade and had a wonderful elementary experience. I have always been a very self motivated student and my elementary school pushed and challenged me to do new, exciting things. I went to a great middle school with great administration and teachers and continued to be challenged and grow in my studies and as a person. In high school I continued to push myself academically and worked very hard to achieve good grades in my classes. Balancing my class load was very hard for me to understand because of the area I have grown up. All throughout my life I have been taught to push myself and to succeed at all costs. My high school, being very competitive, pushed this value on me even harder. Although, through my experience I have learned that success does not define me and that I am still smart if I take a regular class. Overall my school experience in CCISD has been a good one.
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I liked the amazing teachers and quality of education. I am taking upper level classes and my teachers are preparing me for college with rigorous work.
Good school overall, but it is very competitive. And the teachers don’t help. Lots of diversity. Great faculty that help when needed.
it’s a great school district. it allows students to grow deeper into their academics and gives them many opportunities to grow as people.
You make amazing friends and most of the time you get amazing teachers that make the class easy enough to pass and a little challenge to get A in.
I was a part of this District throughout my whole grade school career. I loved every second of being in this district. We received phenomenal education and we were valued by all of our teachers. While they did not fully prepare me for the College world. I will be forever grateful to my amazing teachers for helping mold me into the person I am today.
This school is one of the best in the state of texas. They provide multiple programs that are beneficial for the community. They have multiple clubs and organizations in the school. They have pre Ap classes that are awesome and fun to take. They have an awesome atmosphere to study in. This school prepares students for college and for life and that's what a state needs.
I do enjoy a lot of my teachers. Most are very motivated to help their students aswell as interested in their own class. I can personally say the football program is on the rise and very well managed. I would like to see a change in school safety. I do not think student ID's do much for our safety.
I liked it, I wish we focused more on teaching to the student instead of to the test, but I feel like we're still better than average at it.
I have been in CCISD since 2nd grade and believe its the best district in the Houston area. The resources provided for the students success is beyond average and the community is one of the best. I know people that have moved to this area because of the schools. My favorite part about everything is college readiness. The High schools have one of the highest graduation rates and university acceptance rates in our area.
The district has a large room full of opportunities and has provided and prepared me for the rigors of college. The teacher are excellent and are always there for to help student achieve their goals. In addition, major conflicts between students are very seldom and if they do occur they are extinguished and resolved quickly. I have had an amazing time at the schools in the school district. During my time there I joined the band and have learned so much about music, managing time, and have made memorable moments being part of the organization. I highly recommend getting and education from this school district because only do they teach us to be the best in education but the help shape us into well rounded individuals.
Some schools have a mediocre education system. Most teachers have a "do it yourself, I'm only here to make sure y'all show up" attitude.
The Clear Creek Independent School District has offered students a multitude of opportunities from their youth to participate in academic programs. For example, starting from elementary schools, there are multiple magnet programs that allow for young children in the Gifted and Talented Program to interact with each other on a college setting. This allows students to plan for their future careers and open up ideas on what they can be as they grow up. Not only that, but CCISD offers some competitive schools such as Clear Lake High School, which is well-known for both their excellent academics and orchestra. On the other hand, there are schools such as Clear View and Clear Path where the test scores are lower than average. Either due to personal issues or a lack of future goals, these schools do not offer much for students to learn and develop. In the end, the school has its tarnishes but maintains a good path for students eager to learn.
I enjoy the location and atmosphere of my learning environment. However there are some things that could be tweaked
While attending Clear Lake High School it was a good experience and I appreciate all the good teachers I had. The experience was worth the almost now 4 years I have attended since I started in 2015 and will be graduating this 2019. Even though few about 3 teachers I had my entire high school experience that were rude it was made up by the other 24 teachers that treated me fairly and held me to my full potential.
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Clear Creek Independent School District was a great school board. As a whole, all schools seemed united in a some way as if something were to happen to one school, other schools in the district would help them.
There is something for everyone. They offer a great range of classes that lead into a career path. The school spirit and extra curricular activities are great.
Very good School District , high academics, excellent teachers , amazing facilities ,just improve the safety rules.
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