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Clear Creek Amana Community School District Reviews

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I like Clear Creek Amana because there are teachers that genuinely care about their students and making sure that they understand the material. For AP courses, there are some teachers that haven't sufficiently prepared their students for the final exam, but they do make themselves available if students need help. CCA has gotten rid of several AP courses since not enough students have shown interest, illustrating the unwillingness that many students have to challenge themselves. As for extracurriculars, the instrumental music department is very good, as we have received Division I ratings for our marching band, jazz ensemble, and concert bands at state. The sports teams are quite good as well since the cross country team has gone to state and the football team has qualified for state several times. The culture at CCA is very diverse, as there are students from farming backgrounds while others are from more urban areas.
Attended Clear Creek Amana was a one of a kind experience! It had the best of both worlds being in a small town that was surrounded by late cities. Students were coming from different backgrounds because of this reason, some coming a small farm 30 miles away from the school and some students living in a bigger town in a subdivision. Being in this school district was an amazing experience and it will forever be my home.
While teachers and faculty are pretty amazing for the most part, there are a good hand full of students who constantly disrespect teachers, other students, and property. These students often get away with their negative actions and end up basically running the school and making many students and techers alike uncomfortable. Not enough disciplinary action gets taken when needed at CCA.
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Staff generally care about the students. They don't treat you as objects like some at other schools do. The administrative staff try their best to keep students and staff safe with locked doors and a main entrance only policy during school hours. Campus is closed for students from the start of their day to the end. The courses can be challenging at times, but they are entertaining for the most part (especially science classes with Mr. M) and the students learn a lot of material. Some courses aren't as exam based as others, with different opportunities to learn material that best benefits the individual student.
My time at CCA was wonderful, I felt like the administration was always aware of everything going on in the school. The amount of extracurricular activities offered were excellent, and CCA excels in everything they do. The culture is very small-town oriented.
Its a pretty good school. We have a block schedule, breaks, great teachers, and accepting students. The school is fairly large and we have yearly events to help support different causes.
I think that there are many areas we excel at and many that we need to work on. We have amazing facilities and resources with teachers willing to help, but we also have some problems higher up in the school.
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