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Clayton County is a family centered community full of educators and people who truly care about the academic progress of the student population. The only major issue is the major lack of resources and failure to provide students with sufficient methods of support whether it be coming from parents or the school itself.
My experience at Clayton county public schools was great. Every school that I went to, from elementary to high school, was a clean, safe environment where teachers pushed students to do there best. As a graduate of Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts, I would like to see more performing arts schools in Clayton county so that students can have the same opportunity I did.
Teachers should be paired with their degree when teaching students. I've also experienced teachers are move involved with athletes rather than making sure the students excel. I personally don't depend on my teachers I self educate myself by reading the materials given. Also Clayton lacks communication when it comes to who handles what? When it comes to academics. Lastly, they need to implement more culture diversity when it comes to race. Majority of the teachers are black. Have better school board educators. I feel Clayton county in my opinion should adopt other programs as seen in other school districts with winning performance. I think the students would do better because they will have something to challenge themselves. Examples would be have a Lacrosse team, tennis teams and reach more out into the county. One of the biggest fall back is they need more problems for disadvantage youth.
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I can't speak for all of Clayton County schools, only the high school I attended. I'm a rising senior and my experience at my high school has been somewhat decent. Many of the teachers I've been taught by are dedicated to teaching. The only issue I really see is students not taking their academics seriously enough and end up disrupting the class. If you make the right friends I believe you'll have a good experience.
Clayton County Schools is an average school system. Nothing is remotely special, it is an education to get a high school diploma. There are areas to be fixed like rules that need to be reinforced.
My sons school experience was good but primarily because he landed in a great academy. District wide the county lacks resources. However I have seen vast improvements over the last two years
I love the diversity of Clayton County Public School. I would like to see more improvement on academic strategies and safety.
I went to the best high school in the county, Martha E. Stilwell School of the Arts. I liked my teachers for the most part. But there was so much school work (math, english, history, etc.) there was little time to give to playing the sax ( I was a music major) outside the classroom. I liked not having to wear a uniform in my last year, but my mom didn't like the change. And some of the girls dressed really loose.
I had the pleasure to attend the illustrious Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts. A school dedicated to excellence and talent. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
I liked foing here but here where minor problems with the faculty. Some where very racist to Hispanic kid speaking their native language
Charles Drew is a very amazing school but, there are a few issues with students and how administrators deal with the issue.
Overall Clayton County isn't that bad other then the food and the timing for learning everything is good.
The school that I attended is a Fine Arts High School, always putting music and arts above academics when academics was the factor that was most important when applying for colleges. Also, because of the high consideration for arts, sports were banned from our school, and therefore, we were unable to do anything outside of classes, arts, and clubs. However, the clubs and activities that were offered were extremely diverse, including clubs like Anime Club, Environmental Club, HOSA, and much more! Overall, I would not recommend attending this school, only because the Administrators care more about their paychecks and reputation than about the actual students.
What I like about clayton county public schools is they are very serious about education. Education is key to all of the clayton county students. Some of the things that I would like to change is to work towards getting new books and re modeling the schools
It is a very diverse and close to proximity to Atlanta. The quality of teaching is of high quality and the facilities are phenomenal.
Great school , nice environment convenient things all around the district . It could be more open to sports like a football team .
My experience was amazing. The teachers really took their time to make sure that all scholars would pass and understand the standard. The scholars that attended were all nice and cooperative towards one another.
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This university is very diverse and have alot of opportunities presented for students. The down fall is there aren't that much sport activites and music activites at this university.
The school system is pretty average, they don't really offer anything special or extravagant things with their schools. But the learning system is decent.
Stilwell, although it is a Performing Arts School and there are no sports, the academics are good. It is a vastly different environment than the regular high schools. There is high requirements to perform well or risk getting dismissed from the school.
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