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Clay County Schools Reviews

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I would love to see a more welcoming high school. There is very little diversity and students should learning how different people really are.
I love their facility and the teachers there. They really care about their students. It’s been a great 4 years there, in my home town.
The adults do not care about the students well brings. They make up rules as the year progresses. The school continues to only allow advancements in stem and not in any other classes.
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The over all experience in Clay County Schools is a great one. The Clay County Schools make sure to take care of their students whether it be through providing them food to take home, helping with homework, or even helping find everyday items to use. There isn't anything that I would change.
I personally got along with the teachers pretty well, but some students say they favor athletes. Also, they have bad bus drivers and even if you express your concern to the school they still don't do anything about it.
Out of my 4 years there they always said they don't tolerate bullying but when it was brought to their attention they didn't do anything. They don't keep their word on half the stuff they said. I just wasn't a big fan of CCHS.
I like that it was a small school where everyone knew each other, but some of my teachers didn't care.
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