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Clay County Public Schools Reviews

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Clay Co. High School is just what one can expect for a small, rural school in Eastern Kentucky. Average in almost every department, with the exception of few teachers who give it their all and fight for the students. Not many options for student or parent involvement besides those who play sports. Because of the rural area, very little to no diversity can be expected. The "good" out of this school definitely lies within the selected teachers.
Clay County is a closed minded and often biased towards its students. The food is terrible and the prices on cafeteria food is ridiculous. A tiny bag of chips (mostly air) is .75 cents. Baked chips. I can’t understand why anyone would want to go to Clay unless the play sports. Anyway, their sports are pretty good. The theatre program is also well put together. The teachers are usually nice and some care whether or not you like life.
There are many reasonable rules at the school, but the administration picks and chooses when to enforce them and never does it consistently. There is a lot of favoritism from the faculty and the students are rowdy and misbehaved.
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I am a senior at CCHS. I have had the best experience with High School. The teachers are great. They have prepared me to the best of their ability for College!!
For the poverty level in the area, the school system does a decent job at teaching students and making it a safe environment.
Overall, my time in the Clay County Public School system has been great. If there was would thing I would change, it would be the food.
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