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Clarke County High School is a great school. They have great faculty and staff. Great environment and everyone fits in.
My experience at Clarke County High School is a great experience. It’s a well-designed institution set up to protect the faculty and staff on campus. The education that we are instructed is beneficial and applicable in life. The education provided is design for us to be college and career ready. Our staff improves everyday with our security. Our principal, makes sure that her students are safe with having at least 3 police officers on campus each day. These officers are here for security, moral support, and most importantly our safety. What I would change about my school is some of the classes we take. We have so many electives that will not apply to us life. I would add classes like economics and politics.
Clarke County Schools has a lot to offer including sports and clubs, but the learning material is average and the teachers are not helpful or they are mean.
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My experience with Clarke County schools was great! I got the opportunity to meet new people and still hold on to lasting friendships with other students and teachers in the surrounding community. These schools are built on academics and will put in the extra mile for you to help you succeed. The clubs that they have are based on academics, but they still make time for some fun. The extracurricular activities was one of my favorite memories of these schools, there was always a competitiveness between the schools but at the end of the day we all had fun and we still reminisce about old times. These schools have good environments as well, safety is a big priority for them. Something that I would like to see change would be the food. I understand health should be a person's top priority, but I think a few pizzas and tacos here and there wouldn't hurt.
Clarke County High School is a great school! I advise anyone who wants to get a great education to go here!
I like Clarke County Schools because they are organized and the schools are big enough for kids to come to learn and get an education.
What I like about Clarke County School are the parent involvement, club organizations, and student advisory.
My senior year attending Clarke County High school has been one to remember to say the least. In order to enjoy your time here in a small town, you have to be involved in the community and make sure you communicate with your teachers to make sure that you are receiving the best education that you have. My school has its flaws just like any other but its truly how you deal with it that makes your experience different than any others.
My experience at Clarke County High was very "homey". There, everyone knew everyone. The teachers and staff are very supportive to the students.
I liked how concerned the staff was for students and their academics. I would like to see improvements to the school itself and improved security measures for the school.
It was a school & I had to attend a school by law. You know just happy to be graduating soon. I’ll graduate in May. Just a few months away. All I’m looking forward to. These last 4 years were ‘real’. Just glad they are about to end.
What I enjoyed the most at Clarke County High is the teachers. They care about the students as well as their academics. Most of all I enjoyed being on the varsity football team.
I have only ever been to Jackson High School, in the Clarke County School district. The teachers do try their hardest to get students to study and do their work to get them ready for college. Students here do get plenty of opportunities to get their grades up. With many school related sports/extra-curricular activities, no one should feel bored or uninterested here.
I have had a exciting time at my Clarke county school. I have made a lot of friends since I have been here and built a lot of relationships. I have enjoyed my teachers and feel that they strive to help me be successful.
This school is pretty good. The class size is not too small and not too big. There are not many clubs, opportunities, and activities here. The club did really not do anything. The town is small. The food is limited.
I absolutely love my school. One of my favorite things about it is that there's is no bullying going on. If anyone is getting bullied at another school ,CCHS will be the perfect place to come we're like a big happy family. One thing I would change at my school is the recognition for the students. There are so many students that are working hard but the school shows no appreciation of them. I think if the school showed more appreciation the students will work even harder.
Clarke County High School is a safe school, but it is not a very academic school. There are not many academic extracurricular activities; the academic and extracurricular clubs that are present are not very active.
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My first year of high school was a great experience. It wasn't as hard as I thought it will be. Also it helped looked forward on what to except throughout my 2 more years of high school.
My over all experience with Clarke County Schools was an experience of warmth, welcome, and school pride! I wouldn't want to attend any other school!
I have had a great experience at Clarke County High school. My school provides a safe environment for learning. There isn't anything I would like to see changed besides the food that we have at lunch.
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