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The facility is only a few years old, it is clean and well taken care of, and it is modern and easy to work in. The academic environment is good for focus. The teachers are patient and work well with students patiently. Adversity is not a strong point, but the student body is calm and safe. College resources are available but it is important to take initiative, counselors will not be hunting anybody down who does not show clear intent for a future education. Sports are competitive but they are readily available, and there are a number of clubs such as DECA, HOSA, and the National Honors Society.
The teachers at Clarke County High School always go above and beyond to help the students when needed! One thing that I wish would change is the presence of the counselors at the school. They are there but they usually aren’t the first people to reach out.
What I like about CCHS is the small size which allows you to get to know the people you spend years of your life with. Clarke County is a very close knit community which is very comforting when you think about going off into the world with no one you know. As for something I would like to see change, I would say that I’d like to see more people support the fine arts. Sports are very popular in the county, but there are many talented artists and musicians that deserve just as much support and recognition.
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Great overall academics. I would prefer if the school would stick to IB or AP, not a combination. The food is subpar at best, but is still edible.
I like the size of the school. The fact that it is smaller makes it easier to feel like you are more than a number. However, I feel as if some of the teachers do not qualify to do their job.
The teachers are very caring .
A more welcoming guidance department is needed.
The IB program is exceptional.
Many clubs and opportunities abound for such a small school.
The rural location of the school affects it's diversity.
Clarke County is a small county compared to other places. There are about 2,000 kids enrolled in school, 600 of which attend Clarke County High School. Being a smaller school allows for students to have more one on one time with a teacher, considering that the student-teacher ratio is 14-1. This is one of the things I like because teachers are available to you before and after school, and sometimes even during their planning periods. One thing I will say is I don't think Clarke County High School is big enough. There are teachers who have to share a room or rotate to a different classroom each block. I would imagine this is difficult for them because they can't organize there things if all they have is a cart to wheel around the school.
good school, helpful administration! predominantly white, southern, country kids. real issue with bullying. but good programs, including IB! there is so much help for career advice or scheduling, you just have to ask for it.
Clarke County Public Schools are very small. Generally speaking it's a good thing, but it has it's downfalls as well. I would like to see the academics improve and for teachers to help the students prepare for college better.
Clarke schools are good but not great. There are good teachers but it is hard to keep new teachers who are talented due to the higher wages to the east and the lack of funding for cutting edge education and activities. The schools are typical rural Virginia.
Great teachers and faculty, small school so high student to faculty ratio. You really get a feel for the small town community.
I attended Clarke County Public schools K-12. It was nice growing up in a small town environment, everyone knows everyone here. I like the community involvement. I wouldn't trade my experience for the world.
Clarke County has a good atmosphere with great people. However, there are some teachers that lack expertise in their area of teaching, which would be one of the main things that I would change. On the other hand, I like how it's involved in the community and motivates students to participate in it as well.
Clarke County Public Schools is a very small school system. There are two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, which means that everyone knows each other. Most of the teachers are very intelligent, but they are not paid very well and usually move onto a larger school in a few years. One problem with this school system is they do not have a good college preparedness plan in place and most students are on their own.
As a student at Clarke County High School for all four years I can honestly say that the overall education is average. Often teachers use videos to teach lessons or have their lessons revolve around technology which in some cases such as, labs, power points, and etc are useful. However, if the Internet is down then teacher's resort to busy work like crosswords or book work that isn't quite relevant but close enough. As for the discipline in the classroom, it's terrible, constantly students are given warnings but receive no punishments for their actions. In conclusion, although the lessons we learn from technology are useful most of the time, it is often difficult to grasp the concepts when classmates are interrupting throughout. In addition there should be a back up plan for when the internet is unavailable.
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