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Clark-Shawnee Local School District Reviews

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I am a senoir a I did not have a good experince at my years at shawnee. Teachers only care about you if you are good at what they are teaching. and they punish students for standing up for someone getting bullied because they caused the distraction.
Shawnee is an awesome school that is big on involvement of all students making sure everyone is comfortable and happy.
I attend every school in this district (moved frequently) and from my experience, it was terrible. If you were not a teacher's pet or great at sports, none of the teachers gave you the time of day. Majority of the staff only cared about the state testing and great numbers, of course majority of county schools are similar in that aspect. If your child or yourself are struggling acidemecially the teachers would do little to help and leave you behind. The tutoring was absolutely terrible. No teacher would be around and all the tutors would just use the opportunity to either sleep, eat, or socialize. The children there can be very nice, and some can be bad. Not all of the teachers were terrible, mainly in the lower grade levels. If you are able to switch to a different school, I would definitely reccomened it.
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College credit plus was an amazing opportunity but I sincerely hated how much favoritism is in the school, with different groups and how blind administrators were to it. Also, the dress code is a little strict.
It's a typical high school. They take sports very seriously. They have a partnership with CTC where you can go for a full day or half day and still graduate from both.
I like the fact that at this school there are many ways to earn college credit through the CCP program. Most of my teachers are extremely qualified in their subject and are always willing to help. Although the eduacation is impressive, our funding is lacking especially our music program.
The whole atmosphere makes you feel like no matter what, you belong and that everyone is a part of the big Braves family. The things the students and staff do for each other are unbelievable and give me a new faith in humanity.
I loved being apart of Shawnee for all four years of my High School career. I loved how the teachers were always so willing to help, and how approachable they were. My favourite teacher was always Mr. X and I love Mr.Dockter.
Academics are great and the school is focused on pushing students to college, but do not properly prepare students for college or what they need. Also they have a problem with treating student unequally.
The Clark-Shawnee School District is a great place to learn. Teachers at all schools genuinely care about all students and want them to prosper in life. Every teacher is more than eager to give help when needed and the staff is a great support system. One thing that may need alteration is the temperature throughout all schools. The temperature can get unbearably sweltering or frigidly cold and can be a learning distraction.
The academics and the teachers at this school were very positive. However, the administration was lacking. They were more focused on enforcing some of the minor policies (such as dress code and parking) than they were about more serious problems such as bullying. This school also seemed very focused on sports, giving athletes more priority and leniency than students who were not athletes.
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