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I would like to see discrimination from teachers to students behaviors change. All across clark county teachers discriminate students and their behaviors. Sometimes it is justified but most times it is not. Hopefully it can change through the coming years. Overall I enjoyed my experience with the Clark County School District
I personally think that the use of computers to teach us is not good, teachers have become lazy and depend on computers to teach students. I also think schools need to be safer by adding better security who are qualified for the job. I also think that better teachers need to be hired, many teachers no longer know how to teach.
What I like about the school district and the schools themselves is that they allow us to get the necessary help we need. If there is a problem they try to help solve it.
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The classes are pretty good but some of the teachers are not . A few things that could be changed is if the teachers could be more considerate and if they allow us more time.
What i like about Clark County is that the sports are competitive and it can create many new friends. How it’s very diverse and you can have many different friends. There are some teachers who actually care for the students and help them achieve. What Clark County needs to improve on is college readiness and ACT Prep because it’s rarely even put out there as much as it should.
I would like to see improvement in the academics of the Clark County School District. More flexibility in students' schedules, more choices for advanced classes and more extracurricular activities would increase in student involvement.
The district is far too large and budget cuts caused class sizes to increase to numbers too large. Most classes have around 40 kids, some schools even had to fire teachers when parents and students insisted that the district needs to hire more.
The district has it's ups and downs but really, it isn't extraordinary. The schooling is alright and the people are normally friendly, but a lot of the money the school system should be getting from funding coming from the legalization of marijuana is not getting to schools. In fact, the school budgets have been cut because of a protest by teachers to get paid more, demanding there be more of the money shown that the government is not giving us.
My experience in the Clark county school district was very interesting. There were many high times that really prepared me to strive higher in my pursuit of further education. Clark county has placed wonderful opportunities for all students to be successful. Although I’ve found a home in Clark county school districts i feel as if additional college readiness programs would help catapult students success after high school.
I liked how there was diversity in every school I went to. The administration was very nice and understanding.
Administrators are payed far too much while teachers are payed minute salaries. Being at a CTA, education is above average but the same can not be said for regular public high schools in Clark county school district. The food provided is unhealthy and boring. Parent involvement is extremely minimal. The Capstone project is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.
I attended public school at Clark County School District until 8th grade. I was in the magnet program and found that it provides great educational opportunities. These opportunities however are only available if the student truly desires them.
The Clark County School district was okay. I bounced around with schools and one thing I know everyone hated were the uniforms. Those things were awful.
I believe my school district needs a bit more funding for the most part on teachers and certain classes. The curriculum needs to be tweaked and I would love to see more involvement with kids and teachers.
The Clark County School District appears unappealing at surface value, however, the inner machinations of the well-oiled machine is the teachers inside the district. These teachers have helped prepare me in more ways than I can count for college, and I couldn't be more grateful.
Clark County School District all depends on your involvement. I as a parent, was disappointed in the district because there are not a lot of people capable of being there. I went to the department many of times due to my daughter being in school for the past eighteen years. As a student, she was fine, but there were too many instances where I was not impressed with the conduct of the Clark County School district. You'd think they'd be more aware of their schools and surroundings.
I like how the school clubs and extracurricular activities always try to be inclusive. Most people are willing to make new friends. In my experience, I like that there are some teachers who actually care and help you succeed. The quality of food needs improvement. The food served is unhealthy and there is not a stronger push and emphasis for healthier food. There is a diverse selection of unhealthy food that is being served in our cafeteria. I wish that healthier food had the same option. Usually, the only healthy food served are salads and sandwiches. There is more to healthy food than just salads and sandwiches. I understand that our school district faced a budget cut, but maybe our school can invest as much in healthy food as it does for unhealthy food.
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For the most part I had good teachers that taught me well. However, the reason I gave it 3 stars is because of the environment, it was dirty and the students are not always kind.
I enjoy the diversity in my school district, moving to Las Vegas and getting introduced to so many different cultures and ethnic groups brought me joy.
it’s provides terrible education for students. it has terrible teachers who do not care. there is a big bullying problem.
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