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Clark County R-I School District Reviews

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There is little diversity. There is no sex education or life skills class to help students prepare for adult life. However, the district has many clubs and sports students can participate in, and teachers are very supportive and helpful. For how small of a district we are, the school does well for itself.
The thing I like most about Clark County is its small size. Because there are less than 85 students in each class everyone is close and the teachers are able to make relationships with their students. This, in turn, allows our students to do very well in and out of the classroom. On top of the great staff, we have the best facilities in Northeast Missouri that allow all of our programs to prosper. Clark County is constantly growing and giving students the best resources, up-to-date technology, and a safe place to learn.
I really love the teachers there, especially my business teacher. He has really prepared me for my future in Accounting and I could not be any more grateful!
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Overall, I feel this school was a perfect place for me. I love how we have small classroom sizes, so it allows for a lot of one on one time with the teachers. The teachers were also very helpful and are willing to stay before and after school every day.
Clark County has a lot more classes than I originally thought. Most, if not all of the teachers are very good with high school kids and know how to teach exceptionally well. I look forward in taking more of the classes in the future, as many are offered in many different areas. However, I will say that some of the school board could be a little more polite at times. Generally, I’ve had not a lot of problems, maybe a handful.
Some things that I loved about the Clark County School District is that all of the teachers and staff are so helpful in anything that you do and are always willing to help you.
The school really focuses on academics, but also has a good balance of athletics and other clubs, organizations, etc.
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