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Clarion-Goldfield Community School District Reviews

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I liked that the school was well funded, so it provided me with a lot of resources. I liked the peers in my class. However, the biggest impact was was my science teacher in middle school because he interacted with the students and he had a good personality. On the flip side, the biggest complaint was some teacher made the classes boring and they did not convey the information to make people learn it.
Clarion-Goldfield-Dows is a pretty good high school. There are both many positives and negatives in our school. We have good teachers and we are offered many classes here. One of my favorite things is our opportunity to take college classes while in high school. This really helps and it can better prepare us as students for college. Another positive is our diversity. We have a few different races and cultures in our school and I feel we all get along and tie together in some way. Although we have many positives in our school, there are a few negatives. I feel our school has a pretty large amount of bullying. Most of it is not serious but it is noticeable. I would like to see how the students are treating each other change. Another thing I would like to see change is our food. We have many lunches that nobody really likes and most of the food goes to waste. I would like to see the amount of waste each day go down.
Teachers here are kind and care about your well being. They make sure you strive and meet your goals. Many of the students go out of their way to make you feel welcome.
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Clarion-Goldfield Dows Community School District has an overall upbeat, tight knit, and beneficial environment.
The Clarion-Goldfield-Dows School District has always been seen as a positive place in my eyes. I have always felt welcome and never felt it as a place of fear or anything remotely negative. With that being said, the education I have received their has been adequate and has, for the most part, prepared me for my future ahead. I have gotten a long with most of my teachers over the years and I appreciate their efforts to better me. The only downfall of this school district is the pride it has for itself. There never seems to be enough energy in supporting one another as we should be. As a whole, I have enjoyed my scholarly career in Clarion and hope to finish strong in my last remaining months.
I have had an overall decent experience at Clarion Goldfield Dows High School. Many of the teachers here want you to succeed and will do almost anything to help you. Especially with understanding a difficult concept.
I liked how Clarion Goldfield Dows was a small enough school for you to have a lot of friends and know everyone but big enough to were you could make more friends. I would like to see their school spirit change though. They do not have a lot and it would be nice to have more to cheer on the sports.
I moved here to finish my senior year of high school. It was tough being "the new girl" in a small town, but the students and staff made it easy to adjust to. The teachers and administration are so kind and always willing to help with just the right amount of discipline to their students so they are prepared for the future.
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